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New machinery management system, low-cost lightbar

Trimble has added a Web-based machinery management system and a new, more affordable lightbar guidance system to its product lineup.

The Web-based Agriculture Manager asset management system combines global positioning systems (GPS), machine sensors and automated wireless communications to allow farmers to more efficiently manage and operate large machinery fleets.

The system tracks GPS location, operating status and real-time productivity factors, such as run time versus down time, machine hours for servicing and spray tank levels. Operators can track the day's productivity with sensors that log spray pump or combine separator "on versus off" times. The system also can automatically send notifications via cell phone if key events occur - for example, if vehicle servicing is required, the sprayer needs refilling or the ignition is off.

Agriculture Manager has a suggested list price of $695 per vehicle, plus $24.95 to $49.95 per month, depending on service plan.

The AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 lightbar guidance system features a 4.3-in. color LCD display that provides real-time "where-applied" coverage mapping and the capability for advanced, easy-to-use guidance patterns. It also can be harnessed to TrimbleĀ¹s AgGPS EZ-Steer 500 assisted steering system.

Users can choose between "overhead" or "perspective" views of the operation. Data logged by the EZ-Guide 250 can be transferred to a PC via a USB flash drive. The unit supports multiple guidance patterns, including the FreeForm guidance pattern, which provides unlimited patterns and shapes.

The lightbar, which has an integrated WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver, offers sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy with the included low-profile patch antenna for a base price of $1,495. An optional AG15 antenna provides pass-to-pass accuracy of 6 to 8 in. for an additional $399.

The Agriculture Manager and EZ-Guide 250 systems should be available in March. For more information, including the location of Trimble resellers, call 800/865-7438 or visit

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