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New Idea expands round baler line

Renowned for its 4800 Series fixed-chamber round balers, which create bales with a unique star-shaped center, New Idea recently expanded its round baler line with the release of an equally innovative line of variable-chamber models.

Comprised of five new models, the New Idea 6300 lineup is designed to build solid, high-density bales that offer easy handling and better weatherability. Bale size ranges from 550 to 2,200 pounds and 30 to 72 inches in diameter.

At the top of the line are the new 6364 and 6365 automatic balers, which incorporate a self-contained hydraulic system that automatically wraps, disengages the drive, ejects the bale, closes the tailgate and re-engages the drive system. The operator need only stop the tractor, push a button and wait until the drive signal reappears.

Offering automatic baling in two sizes, the Model 6365 produces round bales that measure 61.5 inches in width by up to 72 inches in diameter, while bales produced by the Model 6364 measure 46.5 inches in width by up to 72 inches in diameter and weigh up to 1,660 pounds each.

For those with more modest needs, New Idea offers the new Model 6345. Like the 6364, it comes with a 78-inch wide, low-profile pickup that sweeps up every stem in the windrow into a 46.5-inch-wide bale chamber. Maximum bale diameter, however, is limited to 60 inches and bale weight is limited to around 1,140 pounds.

Despite its smaller size and manual operation, the 6345 is surprisingly packed with amenities. Standard features include hydraulic density control for solid, water-shedding bales; dual twine arms that incorporate positive twine cutoff, and storage for up to eight balls of twine. For even more versatility, customers can add a hydraulic pickup lift, mesh wrap and the choice of a hydraulic bale ejector or a bale ramp kit.

Shared features on the 6345, 6364 and 6365 also include centering augers, which permit the use of an extra-wide pickup; stuffer fingers that help lift the crop into the bale chamber, and a new hydraulically actuated slip clutch. Large 16 by 6.5 by 8 gauge wheels, which help the pickup glide over uneven ground, are also standard equipment.

“While putting together this new line of variable-chamber balers, we were also diligent about meeting the needs of the smaller operations and hobby farmers who prefer smaller, easy-to-handle bales,” says Tony Solon, general marketing manager for New Idea products. “The results are the Model 6343 and Model 6344. Using a tractor with as little as 45 horsepower, customers can use the Model 6344 to produce bales that measure 47 inches wide by up to 51 inches in diameter and weight up to 1,000 pounds.

“The Model 6343, on the other hand, requires as little as 30 horsepower to build bales that measure 39 inches wide by up to 54 inches in diameter and weigh up to 550 pounds,” he adds.

Neither baler is short on features, though. The 6344, for example, boasts hydraulic density control, electrically actuated twine arm control, a tractor-mounted console, seven-inch wide forming belts and bale over-fill protection.

Similarly, the Model 6343 comes with a low-profile pickup, dual tension arms that maintain independent control of the bale density and belt tension during bale formation, and a crowned upper chamber roll that keeps forming belts on track. Even the gathering wheels that pull in the edges of wide windrows are standard.

“When added to the full line of New Idea fixed-chamber balers, we believe the new 6300 Series will contribute to one of the most complete and versatile lines of round balers in the industry,” Solon concludes. “With 11 different models in the lineup, there truly is a machine for every type and size of operation.”

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