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New Holland four-cylinder engines pack power in TN-A Series tractors

Four-cylinder engines pack more power into New Holland's latest additions to the TN-A Series tractor line. The new TN85A/TN85DA 69-PTO hp models and TN95A/TN95DA 77-PTO hp models are both utility tractors that offer more powerful, quieter running engines and outstanding torque rise in a compact package.

The increased power of 4.5L four-cylinder engines makes the TN85A and TN95A models a good fit for the low-profile needs of poultry houses and orchards while still being ideal for haying, handling larger implements and loader work.

The tractors are compact enough to get under trees and inside the tight confines of poultry houses, while packing enough power to handle big fan sprayers and the equipment used for de-caking and cleaning poultry houses.

The four-cylinder engine provides instant response and impressive lugging power, with a 37 percent PTO torque rise. Maximum fuel efficiency and quiet operation are built right into the design of this powerhouse engine. The TN85A model is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.5L engine, while the TN95A model features a 4.5L turbo engine.

TN-A models have a foldable ROPS, while TND-A models feature a cab with a deluxe air filtration system, a feature that is standard equipment. The air filtration system makes spraying, mowing and baling applications clean and comfortable thanks to anti-pollen filters, tighter sealing, and higher cab pressurization.

Transmission choices include a mechanical 12×12 Synchro Command transmission or the 16×16 fully synchronized Synchro Command Plus transmission (TN85A / TN85DA only.)

The 12 × 12 Synchro-Command transmission provides four synchronized speeds in each of three ranges.

The 16 × 16 Synchro Command Plus transmission permits greater speed versatility for a wide variety of jobs including eight speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range, as well as three speeds below one mph for low-speed applications.

Both models are available with either a mechanical shuttle or a clutchless Power Shuttle featuring steering-column-mounted forward/reverse shuttle control. The Power Shuttle takes the hassle out of frequent forward-reverse shifts when using a loader.

Servicing is easy with combined engine oil fill/check, battery and engine air cleaner in front of the radiator and one-point hydraulic/transmission oil check/fill. The hood pivots open on an assist-strut. There are no side panels to remove.

For more information on New Holland tractors, contact your local New Holland dealer or visit the New Holland Web site at

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