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New from a FALL farm show

Plant and fertilize

The new 3650 Twin-Line Conventional planter with individual seed hoppers from Kinze is capable of planting 30- and 15-in. rows with liquid fertilizer, all on the same toolbar. This liquid fertilizer and interplant package is a first for large Kinze planters.

The 3650 model is available in 12-row N (30-in.) and 16-row N (30-in.) sizes. For transport, the planter converts to a width of 11 ft. 2 in. Four poly tanks holding a total of 500 gal. are mounted across the planter center section on the heavy 5- × 7-in. toolbar frame. The four-row and six-row wing sections flex 7° up or down for planting and are hydraulically locked rigid for transport.

Suggested retail price for the model pictured is $114,257. Contact Kinze Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361, 319/668-1300, visit or

Wide spraying

Growers can spray across 90 ft. with the new Great Plains front-fold trailer sprayer. However, the sprayer's 90-ft. booms will fold up to 60 ft. if needed for spraying in narrow or rough fields. This model also is available with an 80-ft. boom that folds to 60 ft. With its heavy springs and shock absorbers in the suspension, the sprayer can pull smoothly across the field carrying 1,200 gal. of liquid. It is equipped with a Raven 450 controller.

The fully loaded 90-ft. sprayer pictured retails for $35,000. Contact Great Plains Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 5060, Salina, KS 67402, 785/823-3276, visit or

Fast meter changes

A new opener designed for the Great Plains precision drill offers planting versatility. The opener features easy access for fast meter changes. It may be set at 30- or 15-in. rows, twin rows or twin-row splitter configuration. It is available with a 15-in., 4-ml. blade, 16½-in. side depth and a 2½-, 3- or 4-in. width. The opener offers corn planter accuracy with finger pickup.

Suggested retail price for a 40-ft. precision drill with the opener is $112,000. Contact Great Plains Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 5060, Salina, KS 67402, 785/823-3276, visit or

Mid-mount spraying

Hiniker says its new mid-mounted boom sprayer provides a smooth boom ride, good visibility from the tractor seat and easy access for tank filling. The new Century sprayer is available with a 1,000- or 1,300-gal. tank. The five-section, mid-mount, rear-fold booms are available in 80- or 90-ft. lengths. The booms are controlled hydraulically from the cab and are self-leveling. The Century sprayer is equipped with no-drip, triple outlet nozzles on 20-in. spacing with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Suggested retail price for a Century HD1300 with controller is $35,000. Contact Hiniker Co., Dept. FIN, Box 307, Mankato, MN 56002, 507/625-6621, visit or

High reach

The new Brent 80 series grain cart features an auger with greater unloading height, a multidirectional downspout, and a soft-start auger connection for a smooth start-up. The cart is designed for easy maneuverability around large trucks and combines. The auger height is 14 ft. 9 in. on the 1080 model with 1,000-bu. capacity. The 880 model holds 840 bu. and reaches 14 ft. 8 in. with the auger. Both models unload 500 bu./min. The 780 model holds 750 bu., reaches 14 ft. 1 in., and unloads at 450 bu./min. The cart's scale features canister-type load cells positioned between the cart frame and axle, allowing the operator to weigh the load in the field.

Suggested retail price for the 1080 model is $27,225. Contact Unverferth Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 419/532-3121, visit or

Folding corn head

When a Harvestec representative demonstrated from the combine operator's seat how the company's 12-row corn head can fold in half, crowds formed. Common in Europe, folding combine heads are still a novelty in the U.S. Harvestec is bringing its Canadian-made corn head into the country through a distribution center in Toledo, OH.

The corn head fits any brand of combine. It features a two-blade rotary chopper to chop all stalks before they fall to the ground. A large-diameter auger handles high crop volume. The snouts and dividers hinge upward for easy service access. The snapping plate spacing is adjustable from the operator seat.

The 12-row folding corn head retails for $64,900. Harvestec also sells an eight-row corn head that folds, as well as non-folding four- and six-row heads. Contact Harvestec, Dept. FIN, 1124 Mayfair Rd., Oakville, Ontario L6M 1G8, Canada, 905/827-6410, visit or

Air-ride suspension

The air-ride suspension on Wil-Rich's new 3-pt. sprayer provides a smooth ride across fields. Geared to the grower who wants to spray with a tractor, the new sprayer features a new 90-ft. boom design with hydraulic fold. Tank capacity is 500 gal. The sprayer is equipped with a Raven control system. A TeeJet system also is available.

Suggested retail price is $28,000. Contact Wil-Rich, Dept. FIN, Box 1030, Wahpeton, ND 58075, 800/688-3300, visit or

Mechanical-steering spreader

Steering a liquid manure spreader in the field is now easier with the new Gearsteer line of spreaders. Liquid spreaders with a mechanical-steering axle are now available through Balzer's Gearsteer dealers.

On the new spreaders, power is transmitted from a linkage on the spreader tongue through a gearbox and then to the tie-rods, which turn the axles. Gearsteer's mechanical steering is gradual compared with steering on a typical, hydraulically driven liquid spreader. Hydraulic steering tends to be on and off, the company explains. Balzer also claims that troubleshooting in the field is easier with Gearsteer because it involves no hydraulic components. Spreaders are available with two spindle sizes, 5 and 5¾ in., and use oil-filled hubs. The triple-axle sizes are 6,400 and 6,500 gal.

Prices start at $42,725 for a 6,500-gal., triple-axle Gearsteer spreader. Contact Balzer Inc., Dept. FIN, Cty. Rd. 27, Mountain Lake, MN 56159, 612/839-9965, visit or

Liquid fertilizer regulator

Apply anhydrous ammonia in liquid form with the new electronic N-Ject regulator from Capstan Ag Systems. N-Ject uses a specially designed manifold that condenses, meters and distributes anhydrous ammonia without a pump, flowmeter, cooler, regulating valve or special ammonia tank. N-Ject pulses high-speed solenoid valves to meter and distribute anhydrous to each knife. The cold knife flow is routed back through the manifold to cool the incoming ammonia, which becomes liquid. The flow is then measured and the information sent to an electronic rate controller, where the operator calibrates the flow, width and speed and sets the target application rate. The N-Ject manifold is assembled by stacking solenoid valve sections together, so it will fit any size implement. N-Ject is compatible with most flowmeters.

Equipping a 40-ft. bar with N-Ject costs about $10,000. Contact Capstan Ag Systems, Dept. FIN, 101 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66603, 785/232-4477, visit or

ATV planter

Put your ATV to work on small planting jobs with the new Food Plot Planter from Sukup. The company reports that customers requested a planter that could be operated with an ATV. The new planter is available in 3-pt. and pull-type models. Electric lift is optional on the pull-type planter. Quick-adjust, fluted seed meters handle a wide variety of seed. It is available in 5-ft. units with six openers on 10-in. spacing or eight openers on 8-in. spacing.

Prices range from $3,000 to $3,975. Contact Sukup Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 677, Sheffield, IA 50475, 641/892-4222, visit or

18-row corn head

According to Geringhoff, its new corn header cuts the widest swath in the industry. The 18-row Cornstar MS corn header is designed for high-yield corn and new-generation combines. The header includes the company's Rota Disc technology that shreds stalks while combining.

The company claims that the Cornstar's long, flat divider snouts and its flat setting angle ensure excellent pickup in the field. The company says the header works well where corn has lodged due to wind or disease. Once the corn is picked up, it is quickly and smoothly pulled into the header by two stripping rotors, each with four steel stalk knives. This minimizes the loss of downed corn. The stripping rotors and a parallel arrangement of cutting bars result in each stalk's being 98% cut through for quick decomposition. A 17¾-in. auger handles the high intake of grain.

The header fits on most brands of combines. The 18-row header is available in 20- or 22-in. spacing. Suggested retail price is $111,460. Contact Geringhoff U.S., Dept. FIN, 3867 E. Hwy. 12, Willmar, MN 56201, 800/333-8380, visit or

Cultivator options

Krause has expanded its 5630 series of field cultivators with seven new models. The new models range in size from 20½ ft. to 26½ ft. and feature an optional floating hitch used on larger models to 50½ ft. wide. The floating hitch ensures uniform tillage depth and safe transport with no caster wheels on the ground. The cultivator models include a “split-the-middle” shank pattern and 6-in. shank spacing. Shank options include a 190-lb. point load spring shank or two-piece K-tines.

Suggested retail price for a 26½-ft. Krause 5630 cultivator with spring shanks on 6-in. spacing and a three-row tine harrow is $19,928. The optional hitch is $2,185. Contact Krause Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 2707, Hutchinson, KS 67504, 800/957-2873, visit or

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