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New Compact Dump-Pro for light-duty trucks

Standard Hamilton Co., Inc., South Daytona Fla., introduces the latest Dump-Pro addition to its patented line — the long-anticipated Compact Dump-Pro for light duty pickup trucks with 6-foot beds.

It fits into smaller pickups (e.g. Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado or Dodge Dakota, etc.) or larger width trucks with 6-foot or longer beds.

Like the popular full-size Dump-Pro, this ingenious new dump insert is light weight (282 pounds), features a steel reinforced industrial weight, non-rusting polyethylene dump body and winch-driven drive system that requires no expensive hydraulics to operate.

Its lighter weight and removable feature saves fuel.

The all new Compact Dump-Pro enables a user to go from pickup to dump truck in minutes using the Quick Change-Out option.

Rated at 3,000 pounds hauling, 2,700 pounds dumping capacity, the Compact Dump-Pro handles 1.1 cubic yards of material with the basic unit, or 3 yards with the Hi-Sides option.

Believed to be the only unit of its kind on the market, the Compact Dump-Pro is expected to fill a gaping void in the truck insert product offerings for smaller pickup trucks. The unit features an amazing 60 degree dumping angle, so everything that goes in comes out.

When the job is done, simply release the clamping system, disconnect the power with the removable connector, remove a single bolt and slide the unit out to get your pickup truck back.

Compact Dump-Pro is perfect for landowners, farmers & ranchers. The unit is available assembled or in kit form with all parts needed for assembly, mounting hardware and detailed step-by-step instructions with color photos included. It can also be mounted on small flat-bed trailers with the trailering strap option.

For additional information, visit the company's Web site at

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