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New Bayer foliar imidacloprid coming

Cotton farmers will take yield increases from anywhere they can get it.

A foliar insecticide that promises to deliver 100 pounds of extra lint per acre is soon to be on the California cotton scene.

It’s Trimax Pro, a new imidacloprid product from Bayer CropScience will likely be registered in California within a few weeks. It is a broad-spectrum foliar insecticide with efficacy on piercing/sucking insects such as aphids and suppression of other key pests such as lygus and whitefly.

“We’re looking at ways to find micro increases in yield,” says John Perry, market specialist and sales representative with Bayer CropScience. “Macro or large-scale increases in lint yield at this point have to come from genetics. We’re looking at what we can do to maximize the potential we have in the varieties we’re growing right now. In three years of trials with the product we’ve shown about a 100-pound per acre increase in yield with Trimax.”

Trimax has been used in other areas of the Cotton Belt in a multiple application, programmed approach to control and/or suppress pests, improve plant health and increase yields. One of the theories behind the justification for the product is that even at below treatment threshold levels, insects are still robbing growers of yield.

If registered as expected, Trimax Pro will give California growers an imidacloprid that can be applied at an active ingredient rate of approximately 25 percent more per acre than is currently allowed.

“The Trimax Pro formulation moves quickly into leaf tissues,” Perry says. “It has translaminar activity which helps control pests even on the undersides of leaves. Used in an early multiple application, programmed approach, Trimax helps improve retention of early squares which are so critical to yield potential.”

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