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NC+ Hybrids announces 2007 product lineup

NC+ Hybrids, Inc., will introduce 62 new corn and soybean products for the 2007 growing season, including 16 YieldGard Plus stacked with Roundup Ready Corn 2 options and six Vistive soybean choices.

NC+ is offering growers access to elite germplasm and advanced biotechnology traits that result in maximum yields and profitability, said Jeff Dilbeck, NC+ sales manager. “Growers today expect bottom line value from their seed and it's our job at NC+ to help them achieve that by developing, producing and marketing high-quality seed.”

Dilbeck said the 2007 seed lineup is developed from a system that quickly identifies, evaluates and commercializes the best new products and then gets them onto customers' farms.

“This means more proven products are available faster, which allows growers to immediately improve yields from one growing season to the next. We also pride ourselves in the ability to help farmers position the right product offerings in the right places.”

According to Doug Gloystein, NC+ general manager, the 2007 product offerings include 42 new corn products, including 16 new triple-stacked corn choices that incorporate YieldGard Corn Rootworm, YieldGard Corn Borer and Roundup Ready Corn 2 technology stacked traits, resulting in protection against corn rootworms, corn borers and other pests, and yield-robbing weeds and grasses.

“Even in dry conditions, YieldGard-protected corn works to develop a strong root system that results in superior plant health when compared with unprotected corn or corn product offerings protected with soil insecticides,” Gloystein said. “This provides growers with a complete seed package, maximum yields and the tools needed to protect that yield potential.”

All YieldGard Plus stacked with Roundup Ready Corn 2 products will be treated with seed-applied insecticide to prevent early-season insects and diseases from reducing emergence and causing slow seedling growth.

NC+ is offering 20 new Roundup Ready soybean choices for 2007, including six Vistive soybean products. Vistive soybeans are low linolenic and produce oil with little or no trans fats.

“Vistive soybeans are highly attractive to food processors and offer excellent profit potential for growers,” Gloystein said. “Yields are competitive with traditional product offerings and, because they contain the Roundup Ready technology, weed control is excellent.”

“For more information on NC+ and all the 2007 new products, visit the NC+ Web site at

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