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MU weather station at Portageville now offers real-time data

PORTAGEVILLE, Mo. — Southeast Missouri now has a new source for up-to-the-minute weather information. “We’ve recently upgraded our weather station at the University of Missouri Delta Research Center outside Portageville in Pemiscot County to real-time status,” said Pat Guinan of the MU Commercial Agriculture program. “We’re now able to provide updated weather data every five minutes instead of only a summary of the day before.”

The Delta Center station is the 11th in the university’s 24-station network to offer real-time information. A grant from the MU Integrated Pest Management program and support of area partners will allow Guinan to upgrade 10 stations, bringing the statewide total to 14.

“While the grant has allowed us to make the initial upgrade at the Delta Center, we still are seeking a community partner to help with site support over time,” he said.

The Portageville site will provide real-time values for air temperature, dew point, humidity, wind speed and direction, peak wind gust speed, soil temperature at two depths, and soil moisture under bare soil and under sod. Summary information for the day, such as maximum and minimum temperature, total precipitation, and sunrise and sunset times, also is displayed.

“We’ve also incorporated real-time radar on the site, so it’s really a one-stop shop for weather information in the region,” Guinan said. “The value of the weather station rises exponentially with the availability of the most current data.”

Visit to access links to all 24 MU weather stations, including the real-time stations at Albany, Brunswick, Clarkton, Cook Station, Green Ridge, Lamar, Linneus, Novelty, Portageville, Versailles and Sanborn Field in Columbia, Mo.

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