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Monsanto to guarantee Roundup Ready system

Research shows the Roundup Ready system can boost a soybean grower's bottom line. that's why Monsanto is offering the bottom-Line Booster Guarantee.

The program encourages growers to compare the Roundup Ready soybean system in reduced-tillage to non-Roundup Ready soybeans with conventional-tillage and herbicide programs. If the Roundup ready system doesn't provide equal or better net income than the traditional system in the comparison, Monsanto will pay each qualified grower up to $10,000

The Roundup ready soybean system has three major components.

- Replace tillage with a preplant burndown using Roundup Ultra or Roundup UltraMAX herbicide.

- Buy roundup Ready soybean seed from any authorized dealer.

- Spray Roundup brand herbicide over-the-top for proven crop safety.

"Farmers like the weed control they get with Roundup over-the-top of Roundup Ready soybeans, but the economic benefits are displayed when farmers use the whole system, including reduced-tillage," says Monsanto Market Manager Kurt Rahe. "With the Bottom-Line Booster Guarantee, farmers have everything to win and nothing to lose by making the switch to conservation-tillage and Roundup Ready soybeans."

Research at Monsanto Centers of Excellence shows that, on average, no-till soybeans grown in narrow rows add $16 per acre more to a grower's bottom line than conventional soybeans grown in wide rows, notes Rahe.

"Seeding soybeans in no-till, or in a conservation-tillage system with a spring burndown program following limited fall tillage, saves time and money at planting, and yields are at least as good as conventional soybeans in wide rows," he says. "On a 1,000 acre farm, no-till can save as much as 450 hours of time and 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel each year. That's 11, 40-hour weeks in time savings and $4,000 less for diesel at $1.15 per gallon."

Qualifying farmers must sign up by Oct. 15, 2000, indicating the number of no-till/conservation-tillage acres they will enroll in the Bottom-Line Booster Guarantee and how many acres of soybeans, both Roundup ready and non-Roundup Ready, they intend to plant in crop year 20001 compared to 2000.

The Bottom-Line Booster Guarantee is now available in most of the Plains, Midwest and Eastern United States, except for certain counties in Missouri, Virginia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. For more details complete eligibility requirements and program rules, contact your Monsanto representative or your agricultural retailer, or call 1-800-ROUNDUP.

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