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SHARE INSIGHTS: New Farm Progress Panel mobile survey allows subscribers to share their insights on key topics right from the smart phone, and users can get hot agricultural news daily.

New tool to help track attitudes, market

Farm Progress Panel is a mobile tool all farmers can join to share their voice on range of topics; first up is mental health

The world of communication is undergoing another sea change as more people around the world find themselves isolated but connecting in new ways. Into this Farm Progress is launching the Farm Progress Panel, a survey tool using our mobile text platform, designed to get valuable input from an important source – our readers.

Using our mobile text platform, editors at Farm Progress can reach out to subscribed readers to learn more about the issues facing them and gauge what's happening in the market. It's an instant access way to get opinions and take a pulse of the market. The inaugural survey in this time of COVID-19 is to gauge current attitudes or mental health ahead of the new planting season.

And it turns out, at least for now, that the mental health among respondents is good. Of those responding to the April 1 mobile panel request, about a quarter feel great and the current crisis is not bothering them.

For more than two-thirds of respondents, they say they're "a little down, but overall healthy" when asked about their mental health. Given the constant push of COVID-19 news, it's fair to say most in the country are feeling this way.

Some mental health help

And finally, about 5% say they're seeking help or seeing a counselor during this time. That number may surprise some readers. No matter the impression, it's important for all to keep in mind that mental health is under stress these days and there are resources to help.

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TRACKING ATTITUDES: The new Farm Progress Panel mobile poll offers a chance to check hot topics quickly. Farmers showed they're ready to plant in this edition, though there is some concern in the market. 

To take part in the Farm Progress Panel you need to sign up for Mobile Texts from Farm Progress. That's easy to do, simply text FARM to 20505 and answer    with required response. The company asks for your full permission to take part. Once that's done, you'll receive our daily news updates of hot topics in agriculture right to your phone. And be eligible for our regular Panel questions.

To keep up on COVID-19 and our coverage, visit This site section is being updated daily with a wide range of local and national information targeted to farmers. And if you're seeking mental health sources you can visit our mental health resources page at

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