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McCormick introduces XTX Series tractors

McCormick International USA introduces the next generation McCormick XTX Series tractor range with six-cylinder outputs from 141 hp to 170 PTO hp, featuring the innovative XtraSpeed power shift transmission. The XTX tractors are powered by the same BetaPower six-cylinder, 6.7-liter turbo-diesel engines found in the MTX models, but also feature full-function electronic power management for the fuel injection system to allow power boost and speed economy. The McCormick XTX185 anMCd XTX200 models have 30 percent more implement lift than the models they replaced and now match the top model in the range.

McCormick International USA is launching the all-new six-cylinder McCormick XTX Series — the XTX185, XTX200, and XTX215 ranging from 173 to 202 engine hp (141 to 170 PTO hp). This series replaces the current MTX models — the MTX165, MTX185, and MTX200.

The McCormick XTX models feature a new transmission with eight-speed power shift and power range shift option, a new transaxle delivering increased lift capacity and improved PTO geometry, the option of electronic control of all hydraulic functions for the first time, and a new four-post cab.

“The McCormick XTX Series provides further evidence of our strategy to engineer new tractors with features designed to give farmers top performance in the field,” says Chad Huyser, marketing manager for McCormick USA. “The XTX Series reinforces McCormick's position as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance tractors.”

The XTX185 and XTX200 models feature six-cylinder, 6.7-liter turbo-charged BetaPower engines, along with the latest design of electronic common-rail fuel injection to produce power efficiently and cleanly, with significant “power rise” and deep reserves of torque for top performance. The XTX215 model has an electronically controlled fuel system that features a 5.9-liter turbo-charged Cummins QSB engine.

The XTX Series engines have an electronic power boost feature that releases more muscle when working in difficult conditions. Engine output of the XTX185 can reach 198 hp, while the XTX200 has up to 213 hp and the XTX215 can reach 228 hp. Boosted PTO output will range from 165 to 200 PTO hp.

“The power boost feature is designed to maintain output when working PTO-operated equipment in tough conditions,” says Tom Ogle, product manager for McCormick USA. “Torque at the PTO is measured by sensors that trigger the fuel injection system to increase engine power when a PTO-powered implement moves into more difficult conditions. It achieves the perfect balance between optimal output and optimal fuel consumption.”

Engine management electronics on the XTX tractor save fuel on the road and give the driver a quieter and more relaxed drive. At transport speed of 25 miles per hour in 32nd gear, engine speed is automatically reduced to 1,840 rpm.


The McCormick XTX tractor's innovative XtraSpeed power shift transmission is engineered and manufactured along with the rest of the driveline at the McCormick St. Dizier transmission factory in France. While using the performance-proven structure and many of the same components as the current four-speed power shift system, the new, innovative XtraSpeed design gives eight progressive power shift speeds in each of four ranges — resulting in a total of 32 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

The multi-disc clutch packs are shifted under full load so there is no loss of momentum, and the advanced electronically modulated valves ensure a smooth shift from one ratio to another.

The new eight-speed power shift gives drivers greater speed control versatility than any other mechanical transmission of its type, while the electronic power management system delivers new levels of performance with power-driven implements. With a choice of eight power shift ratios, each giving a 17 percent increase in speed, McCormick XTX drivers will be encouraged to regularly select the best working speed for the job and conditions.

For specialty crops, the McCormick XTX tractors can be fitted with a set of 16 creep gears to provide extra-slow working speeds down to 0.21 miles per hour at rated engine speed of 2,200 rpm.

The XTX Series also features speed matching in 4th range. Speed matching enables the operator to step on the clutch pedal allowing the tractor to slow, then the transmission selects the most appropriate gear to match the speed of the tractor simply by re-engaging the clutch pedal.

Control Features

McCormick XTX buyers can choose from three levels of control for the transmission and external service hydraulics to best suit the type of work and the level of sophistication required.

  1. Xtraspeed (Mechanical): With use of the standard XtraSpeed specification, the eight power shift speeds are selected using a thumb-pulse switch on the side of the synchromesh range selector lever. Range shifts are made using either the clutch pedal or a transmission disconnect button. Hydraulic remotes are controlled manually.

  2. XtraSpeed-E (Electronic): Replaces the range lever with a multi-function adjustable joystick on the side console with buttons to lift and lower the implement linkage, as well as buttons to select the gear desired. Hydraulic remotes are controlled manually.

  3. XtraSpeed-Eplus (Electronic): Performs the same shift functions as the XtraSpeed-E. The multi-function controller is mounted on the seat armrest where it is positioned alongside two joysticks which control four electrically operated hydraulic valves. Dials controlling flow rate and flow time are included in the armrest. Buttons on the main control joystick operate an optional fifth electric valve as well as the implement linkage.

Both controls feature automatic up and down shifts between the eight speeds when in the top range, range skip, and programmable start-up and shuttle reverse gear selection.

Hydraulics and PTO

The McCormick XTX185 and XTX200 models have 30 percent more implement lift than the models they replaced. They now match the top model, the XTX215, which has a maximum lift of 24,140 pounds at link ends. The externally mounted cylinders and Category III lift arms are mounted on a new transaxle housing.

A key feature of the new housing is that the PTO stub shaft is positioned six inches higher than before, improving PTO shaft geometry when powering large PTO implements.

The McCormick XTX Series also introduces a choice of 540/1,000 rpm or 540E/1,000 rpm PTO. With both, 1,000 rpm at the PTO is generated at 2,025 rpm engine speed, maximizing the engine's power curve.


The McCormick XTX Series introduces a new cab with full-size rear-hinged doors filling both sides of the four-post structure. Eliminating the side posts significantly improves left and right visibility, while the large doors make it easy to get in and out.

Visit to learn more about the entire line of McCormick tractors.

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