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MORNING Midwest Digest, March 9, 2020

Max Armstrong talks about crude oil prices, egg study and the time change.

March 9, 2020

Did you know that crude oil accounts for more than half of the cost of our gasoline? So that when crude oil drops in price, it should apply downward pressure on the price we pay at the pump. Crude oil started the week with a more than 25% drop last night. Russia refused to restrict its oil output at the same time the world worries about the coronavirus and big fuel users like airlines are cutting back. We haven't seen a crude drop this large in almost 30 years.

Eggs will not increase your heart disease or stroke risk as previously feared. Because of their cholesterol content, eggs have been center of concern. A study measured 215,000 healthy men and women for 32 years found no association between eggs and cardiovascular health.

Bernie Sanders campaigned in Michigan and Chicago over the weekend. Joe Biden was in the south. There are seven primaries tomorrow.

Where has President Trump traveled to since he was elected. He's been to Ohio 15 times and Missouri 9 times. He's visited Indiana and Wisconsin 8 times. He's not been to Oklahoma or Arkansas.

How are you doing with that time change? You know more accidents happen after a time change. Hug your loved ones.

There's a full moon too.

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