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Crop conditions continue to fall behind

The one positive in the crop progress report is that the amount of soybeans in the blooming stage and setting pods is above average.

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The overall condition of both the corn and soybean crops fell from where they were last week again and they are even farther away from where they were a year ago at this time. The soybean crops had the biggest fall.




The crop progress report shows that 47% of the crop is in good condition, 10% in excellent and 29% in fair condition this week. Last week, the report showed 51% in good condition, 10% in excellent and 28% in fair condition.

In 2016, 56% of the crop was rated as good during this same time period, 15% in good and 22 in fair condition.


The corn conditions have also detoriated from last week.  Last week, the report showed 51% in good condition; 13 in excellent and 25% in fair condition. This week, the crop progress report showed 49% is in good condition, 13% in excellent and 26% in fair condition.

In 2016, the corn condition was rated at 57% in good; 19% in excellent and 19% in fair condition at this time.

In the Midwest, Illinois and Wisconsin are rating 49% of their corn in good condition. Meanwhile, drought is taking a toll on corn in South Dakota where 27% is rated as being in good condition.



Corn silking

Corn is playing catch up in the fields. The report shows 67% of the national crop is in the silking stage. That’s down 2% from the four year average of 69%.

Illinois and Iowa are bucking the average with 83% in Illinois in the silking stage and 74% in Iowa. Meanwhile, three states struggling to get their corn in the silking stage are Wisconsin with a rating of 34%; Michigan with 41% and Pennsylvania rating 45%.



Corn dough

The latest report show 8% of the nation’s corn is in the dough stage. That’s down 5% from the four average of 13%.

Meanwhile, North Carolina is leading the nation with 72% of the crop in the dough stage. In the Midwest, Illinois only has 7%; Kansas with 8% and Nebraska is reporting 9%.



Soybeans blooming

The amount of soybeans in bloom is up from the four year average at this point in the growing season. The report this week shows 69% in the blooming stage, compared to the average of 67% for this point in time.

Meanwhile, some states in the Midwest are pushing ahead of the average. Illinois growers are reporting 77% in the blooming stage; Iowa with 73%; Minnesota states 70%; and Indiana with 68%. However, Wisconsin is behind with only 59% in bloom.



Soybeans setting pods

The amount of soybeans setting pods is also above the four year average. Statistics show 29% are setting pods this week, compared to the four year average of 27%.

Louisiana and Arkansas are leading the way with 87% and 73%, respectively.

In the Midwest, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa are leading the pack. In Illinois, crop watchers report 33% are setting pods and 30% in Iowa. In Indiana, 28% of the plants are setting pods.

However, soybeans are behind in Wisconsin and Minnesota with only 22% setting pods in Wisconsin and 20% in Minnesota.




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