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Valent: Quash Fungicide for canola

Valent U.S.A. Corporation has received federal registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for the use of Quash Fungicide in canola.

Quash is a new triazole fungicide for growers with crops threatened by white mold — the predominant disease in canola.

“We believe growers will see a significant value from the new Quash registration in canola because of its activity on white mold,” said Gerald Holmes, Valent product development manager. “Quash trials have shown strong results in managing white mold, which has led to higher yield and increased crop quality for growers.

“In university trials in canola, Quash has also shown consistent increases in yield, providing growers with excellent returns on investment. Quash is also a good fit for growers' disease management programs,” Holmes said. “It makes a good rotation partner for strobilurin fungicides, while providing good systemic activity and yield boost.”

Blaine Schatz, research agronomist at the North Dakota State Carrington Research Extension Center, conducted trials with Quash in 2006 and 2007. Schatz said having another product that effectively suppresses or controls Sclerotinia (the fungus that causes white mold, also known as Sclerotinia stem rot) is important to canola growers.

“During trials with Quash, we've seen reduction in the incidence of Sclerotinia, so we know Quash works,” Schatz said. “We've also seen that suppression of this disease correlates into improved yield. In our trials, the yield increase that we observed with Quash was, at a very minimum, equal to the very best of the other treatments. Over two years of trials we averaged a 20 percent yield increase.”

Schatz said that following application guidelines is the key to any successful fungicide application. “Paying attention to the guidelines the company defines for application strategies, timings and rates is of key importance,” Schatz said. “My experience with fungicides is that the best fungicide in the world will not perform with the results we've seen in these trials if it isn't used properly.”

For maximum efficacy Quash should be applied at 20 to 50 percent bloom at 2 to 4 ounces. For maximum disease control, the 4-ounce rate should be used.

Quash joins the growing line of quality products for canola from Valent U.S.A. Corporation including Select Max Herbicide with Inside Technology, DiPel and XenTari Biological Insecticides, and a new seed applied insecticide, NipsIt INSIDE.

For more information about Quash Fungicide, Valent U.S.A. Corporation or Valent's full product line, call (800) 682-5368 or go to the Valent Web site at

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