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Top 10 read articles from Delta Farm Press

Farmer Steve Skelton
<p><em>WHEN HIS FATHER was suddenly incapacitated by an accident, Steve Skelton was faced with the responsibility of assuming operation of the family farm.</em></p>

What were the topics of most interest to readers of Delta Farm Press in 2014? Here’s the top 10 most-viewed articles for the year:

10. Matt Ormon: He took a chance on a farming career Mississippi farmer Matt Ormon readily acknowledges his road from college dropout to established farmer hasn’t been without bumps, but he says, “The opportunity came — suddenly — to do what I knew I wanted to do with my life, and I felt I had to take that chance.” (Hembree Brandon)

9. Corn, a classic collapsing market, Brock says Early in the year, farmers everywhere are reporting excellent corn crops this year. Could it drive average yield to record levels? Market analyst Richard Brock gave his outlook for 2014 prices at a Decisions 2014 seminar. (Elton Robinson)

8. Wild hogs a rapidly multiplying menace for agriculture From Mississippi crop fields, to the Vicksburg National Military Park and the Mississippi River levee, to the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, golf courses, and even many suburban home areas, wild hogs are bringing their own unique mode of destruction. (Hembree Brandon)

7. Senate passes new farm bill Early in the year, the Senate passed a new farm bill on a 68 to 32 vote. “This is not your father’s farm bill,” said Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. “It’s a new direction for American agriculture policy. Major reforms will be implemented and direct payments will finally come to an end.” (David Bennett)

6. Soybean maturity group, planting date and development related Soybean varieties from maturity groups 4, 5, and 6 are planted in the Mid-South. The majority are planted in April and May. Time of growth stage occurrence and the number of days between stages are components of development that may be affected by maturity group and date of planting. (Larry Heatherly)

5. Steve Skelton: Overcoming tragedy to keep farm going In the blink of an eye, Steve Skelton’s role in his family’s farming operation was changed, and he suddenly found himself confronted with responsibilities and challenges for which he had no previous experience, but which were critical to the farm’s future. (Hembree Brandon)

4. Peanut spokesman Don Self dies in farming accident Mississippi farmer Don Self, a leader in the Mississippi peanut industry and a member of the National Peanut Board, died Oct. 1 in a tragic harvesting accident. (Hembree Brandon)

3. David Bennett: Arkansas soybean yield king David Bennett’s 2014 soybean contest field yielded 112 bushels per acre breaking the previous record by over 4 bushels. He is the Arkansas yield king. (David Bennett)

2. ‘Significantly different’ farm bill will need education on provisions Farmers need to be spending time delving into its provisions and getting ducks in a row to comply with new, often complex rules, said John Anderson, deputy chief economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, at a meeting early in the year. (Hembree Brandon)

1. Consultants find ease, multiple uses for ‘drones’ in agriculture The use of unmanned aerial systems – more commonly called drones – is no longer just a promise for agriculture. The units are now being used on farms across the world. (David Bennett)

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