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Top 10 blogs from Delta Farm Press in 2014

Anti-GMO propaganda, organic's claims, biotech in Europe, anti-pesticide conspiracies, the death of a well-respected farmer and Wall Street on farms... those were the subjects of the most read blogs in the Delta Farm Press in 2014. Here are our top 10 blogs from the past year.

10. Warning: This column contains sensible information about GMOs Read this column at your own risk. It contains scientifically-proven answers about genetically-engineered crops. If you continue to read, there is a strong probability that you may become rational about GMOs. (Elton Robinson)

9. Yet another organic study falls short New study says organic healthier, but other scientists beg to differ. (Elton Robinson)

8. Organic agriculture cannot save the planet The marketing of anti-pesticide and anti-GMO propaganda directly to highbrow consumers has carved out a $20- billion niche in America for the organic farming industry. From an environmental standpoint, however, organic farming isn't all it's cracked up to be. (Elton Robinson)

7. Biotech crops in Europe could be “dead and buried” European Parliament members were asked by the European Commission and member states to overturn an almost 15-year de facto ban on the cultivation of genetically modified crops in Europe, but behind-the-scenes maneuvering threatened to doom the effort. (Hembree Brandon)

6. Anti-pesticide looneys and conspiracy theorists We hear a lot of negative things about pesticides, but we really don’t want to be without them. (Elton Robinson)

5. Consumer Reports should stick to toaster ovens If you want expert advice on purchasing a car, a toaster oven or a lawnmower, look no further than Consumer Reports. But if you want to know about GMOs and food safety, well, not so much. (Elton Robinson)

4. Five reasons why we fight mandatory GMO labeling Five reasons why mandatory GMO labeling is a bad idea for everyone, not just farmers. (Elton Robinson)

3. Don Self’s love for peanuts won friends far and wide Whether he was in the middle of a Mississippi peanut field or in the marble halls of Capitol Hill, Don Self's passion for peanuts always shone through, and as a member of the National Peanut Board he missed no chance to promote the crop he loved. (Hembree Brandon)

2. The gospel according to Dr. Oz: A looming pesticide arms race? A recent Dr. Oz TV segment included an alarmist screed about “the latest and most disturbing development in one of the biggest controversies of the 21st Century — GMO foods,” and the EPA’s evaluation of the new herbicide Enlist Duo. (Hembree Brandon)

1. Wolves of Wall Street: poised to gobble up U.S. farmland? Enthusiasm for agriculture as an investment “borders on speculative mania,” and “the wolves of Wall Street are eyeing millions of acres of U.S. farmland that will soon come up for sale, much of which has been in the hands of family farmers for generations.” (Hembree Brandon)

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