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Roundup PowerMax powerful control

Monsanto is introducing Roundup PowerMax, a new Roundup agricultural herbicide formulation offering farmers more powerful, consistent weed control.

“Roundup PowerMax will deliver the outstanding consistency of weed control and crop safety our growers have come to expect from the trusted Roundup brand,” said Chad Bush, Roundup marketing manager. “It sets a new standard in Roundup performance with more powerful weed control than Roundup Original Max.” The new product will be replacing Roundup Original Max and will qualify for the same Roundup Rewards program elements as Roundup Original Max.

“We are very excited to bring Roundup PowerMax to market,” added Bush. “It offers farmers a new level of weed control and the assurance of a high level of crop safety.”

Due to its new formulation and delivery system, new Roundup PowerMax has been proven through field trials to deliver high commercial levels of weed control more often than Roundup Original Max. This enhanced consistency of control has been proven on hard-to-control weeds like velvetleaf, lambsquarters, purslane, kochia and morningglory.

In spring 2007, over 1,000 growers and retailers exclusively previewed the newest Roundup formulation on more than 300,000 acres and experienced consistent weed control from field to field and weed to weed.

“Roundup PowerMax did a wonderful job,” said Harvey Fliehs, a grower in South Dakota who took part in the PowerMax trial program. “It took care of the giant ragweed, the kochia, the lambsquaters — it just fried everything, except for the soybeans.”

Bryce Rupert of Litchfield, Ill., also tested Roundup PowerMax. “The consistency with the new Roundup formulation has been excellent,” explained Rupert. “We saw a quicker and more thorough kill over Roundup Original Max in the side-by-sides we sprayed, especially on the bigger weeds.”

Like all other Roundup brands, the new Roundup PowerMax is specially formulated with Cropshield formulas, which provide proven crop safety in Roundup Ready crops. A special Cropshield seal has been added to both Roundup PowerMax and Roundup WeatherMax so growers know they are getting proven crop safety on all Roundup Ready crops.

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