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Habitat herbicide receives label for aquatic weeds

Habitat herbicide has received full label approval from EPA, according to BASF's Professional Vegetation Management group. Habitat is labeled for controlling undesirable emergent, shoreline and woody wetland aquatic vegetation in and around standing and flowing water.

Habitat is a systemic herbicide that delivers down-to-the-roots aquatic and riparian weed control, enabling users to cost-effectively reclaim and maintain waterways and wetlands that have lost value to emergent invasive species.

“Aquatic and riparian areas are increasingly vulnerable to the damaging effects of invasive species,” said Derek Miller, senior marketing manager, BASF ProVM. “Habitat can be a powerful tool to protect and reclaim these areas and improve habitat and land values.”

Habitat herbicide controls vegetation by affecting enzymes found only in plants, not in humans, animals, birds, fish or insects. It is readily absorbed through leaves, stems and roots and is translocated rapidly throughout plants, with accumulation in the meristematic regions. Treated plants stop growing soon after spray application. Necrosis becomes evident about two weeks after treatment. Time to death of treated weeds depends on size, species treated and weather conditions at application.

Habitat is applied with low volume spray techniques, which result in more effective and efficacious control and often reduce the need for multiple applications.

Habitat herbicide effectively controls many unwanted, invasive floating, emergent and woody wetland weeds, including water hyacinth, water lettuce, duckweed, alligatorweed, American lotus, cattail, water lily, phragmites, torpedo grass, purple loosestrife, water primrose, giant reed, Brazilian pepper, willow, Chinese tallow tree, melaleuca and saltcedar.

Applicators should follow label guidelines to insure effective control of target weed species and reduce any off-target impact. First-time users of Habitat herbicide should contact their BASF technical representatives for assistance prior to application to develop a plan and project guidelines.

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