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Generic clethodim labeled by EPA

MANA officials say Arrow 2 EC is effective over a broad spectrum of annual and perennial grasses at a very narrow rate range and is an economical alternative to other branded and private label clethodim products.

The Arrow label covers crops such as soybeans; cotton; alfalfa; leafy, tuberous and fruiting vegetables; sugar beets; peanuts; sunflowers; potatoes; ornamentals; non-bearing fruit and nut trees; and other crops and noncrop areas. It is the first new clethodim label following the technical ingredient’s patent expiration.

“Arrow 2 EC is especially effective against seedling and rhizome johnsongrass and shattercane at relatively low doses,” said John Frieden, product manager for Arrow.

According to Frieden, MANA’s Arrow clethodim will also play a major role in fulfilling the emerging need to control volunteer Roundup Ready corn in Roundup Ready soybeans.

“There is nothing better than MANA Arrow herbicide for this use,” says Frieden. “Arrow combines clethodim’s high efficacy at low rates with reduced antagonism from tank-mix partners when compared to other postemergence grass herbicides.

Growers should contact their local chemical supplier to learn more about Arrow 2 EC clethodim herbicide from MANA. For a copy of the label, go to and search for “Arrow”.

Arrow is not currently registered for sale or use in California.

MANA is the North American Company of Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd., of Israel, the world’s leading manufacturer of generic crop protection products. MANA markets a full range of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides as end-use products or as technical active ingredients for formulation into end-use products throughout the United States and Canada.


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