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The Best Investment You Can MakeThe Wilcox Eliminator

The Wilcox Eliminator is the premier Conservation Tillage tool in the Southwest. Today successful growers are changing to Conservation Tillage systems to save money, improve soil performance, and help improve cash flow. As a result of six generations of farming experience, the Wilcox Eliminator is the latest of several visionary implements that Wilcox Agri-Products has introduced. A result of working and listening to growers, we engineered and delivered our first Plow and Ripper in the 1970s, and have continued to pioneer and work with growers to build advanced and durable tools to improve farming efficiencies. The Eliminator is our latest example of how a farmer's needs results in building cutting edge tillage equipment that can save farmers money while also providing cultural benefits. By integrating various technical processes and components growers can now plant with the Eliminator which makes the no-till drill a thing of the past.

Chad Odom of O & E Farms, Buckeye, AZ mentions how the Eliminator, “works really well and saves big money in tillage. By ripping and incorporating the trash all in one pass it saves trips across the field and fixes compaction problems.”

Initially looking for savings, David Costa, Costa Farms, Inc., Soledad, CA was disillusioned with Minimum-Till, but the Eliminator provided the required finish needed for his lettuce fields.

Daniel Burns, San Juan Ranches, Dos Palos, CA says the Eliminator does a “good job on any type of ground whether it be sandy soils, heavy ground, or wet ground.”

The Wilcox Eliminator works the ground in fewer passes than conventional tillage and soil conditions may improve for growers who have used it for multiple seasons.

Rudy Padilla, Farm Manager, Stevenson Corporation, Stevenson, CA said the Eliminator “creates stronger soil because of the organic matter that you are mulching and re-introducing back into the ground. I run the Eliminator once and am ready to plant.”

Tony Machado, Merced, CA region, says, “With a single pass … Once I run the Eliminator only one time, the dirt is beautiful.”

Larry Ferrini, Rancho Laguna Farms, Santa Maria, CA notes that even bad conditions after winter can be rescued by the Eliminator. “I threw the Eliminator in two passes, and planted the next day.”

Danny Mazzani, MNM Farms, Stockton, CA remarked on the Eliminator's amazing ability to help the soil retain moisture. “Utilizing the Eliminator instead of flooding and typical multiple passes conventional tillage, the moisture was still right there!”

John Calandri, Lancaster, CA said, “I use the Eliminator instead of a disc, better water penetration while not creating a pan and any trash in the field gets really destroyed.”

In addition, growers repeatedly tell us how level it leaves the ground compared to discing.

Steve Ishibashi, Camarillo, CA, says “It works-up the ground nicely, between all its functions it fills up all the little holes and can eliminate half the ground work.” The Eliminator can work many soil types that have traditionally required several passes with a disc.

Tony Machado also says “the leveling is so accurate and Eliminator shanks pulling to the ground provide a level field every time. It takes the disc back to the Stone Age.”

Scott Rosi, Farm Manager, Tanimura & Antle, Salinas Valley, saw the Eliminator's performance in a demonstration. Shortly after he purchased it, he purchased a second machine. High land rent means the time saved by operating with the Eliminators is crucial to his operation. “We hit planting dates we would never meet with conventional tillage”.

“Conditions can change from field-to-field, and we have achieved optimum results with this tool,” says Daniel Burns. “We have had really good success with the Eliminator, tremendous fuel savings and several passes eliminated.”

Rich Tillema, Bakersfield, CA mentions that the economics behind the Eliminator are simple. “I have saved so many passes with this machine, that labor and fuel savings alone that makes this tool worth buying.”

Shortly after including the Eliminator into their operations, growers all realize it has a significant, positive effect on their cash flow.

Cost effective? Daniel Burns says, “Definitely!”

David Costa noted it was a “definite payback” for him as well. He owns two Eliminators, and will purchase a third one for the fall. Every grower looking to enhance their overall profit will find the Eliminator to be their best tool and their best investment.

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