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Agricultural Plastics Product Stewardship Workshop, Feb 22-24, 2009

The first ever product stewardship workshop focusing on agricultural films and other "ag" plastics will be held as part of the annual conference of The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA), Feb 22-24 2009, at the Hotel Albuquerque in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You belong around the table if you:

• manufacture or distribute agricultural plastic products

• manufacture products that currently or potentially use recycled ag plastics as feedstock

• represent an agricultural trade or commodity group, or

• are otherwise involved with (or interested in) ag plastic/film recycling.

Monday, Feb 23

Session I: Ag Film Product Stewardship: Learning from Other Industries

What lessons can we learn from the voluntary stewardship agreements developed by other industries, e.g., paint, electronics, carpet, and pesticide containers? Moderator: Wayne Gjerde, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Session II: Ag Film Product Stewardship: Manufacturers’ Perspectives

Manufacturers of ag film products—bunker silo covers, mulch and fumigation films, bale wrap, etc.—are the anchors of any stewardship strategy. What constraints do they face? What opportunities do they see? Panel discussion with ag plastic product manufacturers. Moderator: Roger Springman, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture

Session III: Ag Film Product Stewardship: Role of Standards in Facilitating Stewardship

Product standards affect recycle-ability, usability, environment, and environmental health. What should be the focus of ag film standards? What process should we follow? Moderator: Wayne Gjerde, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Tuesday, Feb 24

Session VI: Emerging Markets for Used Ag Plastics

Learn about products that can be made from less-than-perfectly clean used ag plastics: e.g., sweet crude, roofing material, binder for wood fuels, lumber. Moderator: Roger Springman, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture

Session VII: Moving Ag Film Stewardship to the Next Level

Roundtable wrap-up to set the stage for TPSA’s ag film product stewardship initiative, led off by a reality check on the global economy and recycling markets. Moderator: Lois Levitan, Cornell University

The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA) conference objectives:

To serve as a forum to facilitate networking and cooperation among parties from around the world to improve stewardship program efforts: increasing effectiveness and efficiency through pesticide labeling, judicious application, container containment, waste minimization, and proper handling of empty containers and other agricultural plastics. TPSA seeks individuals with pertinent information from private companies, public entities and organizations who are willing to share their stories, findings, and challenges. Network during the evening festivities, opening reception, and grand reception.

Conference details at

For more information about the Ag Film Product Stewardship Workshop and related sessions, contact organizers Roger Springman at [email protected], Lois Levitan at [email protected], or Wayne Gjerde at [email protected].

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