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Ag tech field day at Agricenter

Agricenter International will again host the biggest field day in the Mid-South for commercial agricultural technology at the 2009 Mid-South Ag-Technology Field Day July 16 in Memphis.

The field day is a biannual event. This year’s theme is Emerging Technologies. The event will begin at 7 a.m. and run until noon. Lunch will be provided.

There will be approximately 15 research stops with companies demonstrating the latest technologies in seed and chemical in cotton, corn, soybeans, and rice.

For more information on the field day contact Bruce Kirksey, director of research, at or (901) 757-7754. You can also go to for more information.

Here’s more on Mid-South Ag Technology tour stops provided by participating companies:

Americot, Inc. — Will feature the AM 1550 B2RF cotton variety, gaining attention and acreage in the Mid-South, particularly the north Delta. AM 1550 B2RF is a very stable variety, which is evident in official variety trial results as well in growers’ fields across the north Delta. It provides high yield potential and an excellent fiber package. The Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton is an early to medium maturity cotton and has a range of 35-36 staple, 27-29 strength, and 3.8-4.5 micronaire.

PhytoGen — Cottonseed offerings include early-, mid-, and full-season varieties with WideStrike insect protection (2-gene Bt) that protects cotton plants from a broad spectrum of worm pests throughout the season. PhytoGen varieties contain either the Roundup Ready or Roundup Ready Flex technologies, both alone and stacked with WideStrike insect protection. PhytoGen will also showcase an early season variety that displays tolerance to root knot nematodes as well as new PhytoGen cottonseed varieties for 2010.

EMD Crop BioScience — LCO Promoter technology, the plant health enhancing technology currently available for alfalfa, corn, peanuts, peas-lentils, and soybeans. LCO Promoter technology provides season-long benefits for each crop, including earlier emergence.

Pioneer Hi-Bred — How to position the right product on your acre using key environment and management recommendations based on observations by your local Pioneer sales professional.

DuPont — Weed control in Pioneer field corn with Resolve 25 SG applied pre-plant burndown in mixtures with glyphosate to control existing winter and summer annuals. Steadfast Q plus atrazine for post-emergence perennial, annual grass and broadleaf residual weed control.

In Pioneer soybeans, the preplant burndown and residual weed control product Envive, which provides burndown, residual grass and broadleaf weed control including glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed. Canopy EX pre-plant with glyphosate for burndown and residual winter and summer annual weed control.

Memphis Bioworks Foundation — AgBio — Oilseeds including sunflowers and castor; sugar/starch, such as sweet sorghum and pearl millet; and biomass, including switchgrass and biomass sorghum will be on display.

In a crop rotation system, alternative crops have a number of advantages including reduced vulnerability to weather, pests and market forces, broader distribution of labor, higher income potential; boosted yields on other crops in the rotation, lower water and input needs and additional value-added opportunities

Crop Production Services — Dyna-Gro brands of traited corn and soybeans. Corn traits include the YieldGard VT technology with an advanced look at the VT Pro technology. Soybean traits include Roundup Ready 2 Yield as well as RR stacked with STS. Also on display will be corn and soybean varieties well suited for biofuel production. Preview of Dyna-Gro’s new Roundup Ready Flex Bollgard II lines of cotton for 2009. Loveland Products Inc. will show innovative solutions to plant nutrition and crop protection solutions.

Helm Agro U.S., Inc., has added Kendo insecticide and Helmquat herbicide to its offering of generic glyphosate Helosate Plus and its spinach herbicide Ro-Neet 6E. Kendo insecticide is comparable to the active ingredient in Karate Z, lambda cyhalothrin. Helmquat herbicide features the active ingredient paraquat. A concentrated form of Gramoxone Inteon, it is a broad spectrum herbicide providing quick and efficient burn down or desiccation.

Bayer CropScience — Overviews of the corn, soybean and cotton product portfolios; biological nematicide seed treatment in development; corn herbicides including new active ingredients and safeners: Balance, Flexx, Corvus, Capreno and Laudis; FiberMax and Stoneville cotton varieties; GlyTol and LibertyLink stacked herbicide-tolerant trait technology in cotton; LibertyLink and Ignite herbicide across corn, soybean and cotton.

BASF — Products to maximize performance yield and profitability including Kixor technology (Sharpen, Integrity and OpTill), Headline fungicide plant health for soybeans, corn and cotton, Clearfield rice with Newpath, Clearpath and Beyond.

Monsanto — DeKalb corn hybrids and Genuity VT Triple Pro technology. Asgrow Group 4 and Group 5 soybean varieties along with Group 4, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield candidates for 2010. Class of 2009 and 2010 Deltapine cotton varieties plus Genuity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex technology.

Syngenta — herbicide solutions for weed control, the latest product for disease control in corn, the latest Seed Care technology for managing nematodes and new hybrids. The stop will feature several soybean weed control options including programs for tough to control and glyphosate resistant weeds. Also on display are cotton weed control programs showcasing residual programs to control tough weeds. Products for insect, weed and disease control in sorghum will also be on display.

The University of Tennessee — Official Variety Trial will be the featured stop.

Agricenter International is a 1,000-acre research and demonstration area located in east Memphis on the corner of Walnut Grove and Germantown Parkway. It is easily accessible from I-240 and I-40.

From I-240, take Exit 13 (Walnut Grove Road) and travel east 4 miles. Entrance is to the right. From I-40, take Exit 16A (Germantown Parkway) and travel south 5 miles. Turn right on Timber Creek Drive and follow signs to Agricenter International.

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