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Manage data with JDOffice

The company that brought you new agricultural-based software systems such as JDmap and Field Doc and the StarFire GPS system is taking another step into the world of electronics with JDOffice.

“This comprehensive desktop software features advanced record keeping, crop planning, data collection tools and field mapping,” says Bret Berghoefer, product manager, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “JDOffice has numerous enhanced features that are easy to operate but allow for more functions as needs change.”

Berghoefer says JDOffice makes recordkeeping simple with easy entry of information that can be handled over and over again without having to be manually re-entered. When used with Field Doc and Yield Mapping systems, the new software allows for easy data collection that can be viewed, analyzed and shared when needed.

JDOffice offers myriad mapping and reporting options with common export formats such as comma-delimited or spreadsheet format, AEA shapefile and ESRI shapefile. Thus, users can share information with consultants and other business contacts.

“JDOffice will be available through John Deere dealers at no cost to the customer,” says Berghoefer. “There will not be a basic or deluxe version although additional capabilities will be offered through plug-ins that accommodate advanced requirements beyond traditional mapping needs.”

These plug-ins will be available for a fee.

  • Ag Leader plug-in: Allows for direct downloads of yield date from Ag Leader hardware by reading files directly from data cards. This plug-in makes it easy to view and analyze Ag Leader data without performing time-consuming imports and exports of data.

    “Our GreenStar customers are increasingly working with a variety of trusted service providers to assist them in the management of their business,” says Berghoefer. “Implementing the FODM architecture in our software products will provide customers with the flexibility they need as the demands for intensive crop management increases.”

    The Ag Leader plug-in will also work with the Case/IH AFS yield systems that use the .yld format.

  • Multi-Client plug-in: This will allow anyone to obtain and work with data from multiple users. Ag business partners such as grain co-ops, consulting firms and agronomists can use JDOffice to gather, view, analyze and share data with clients conveniently and easily.

“Past JDmap customers will receive a free direct mailing to upgrade them from JDmap to JDOffice,” Berghoefer says. “This software will provide growers and producers a great time management tool for recordkeeping and crop planning.”

To support JDOffice and John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) products, John Deere has set up a new Customer Care Center and AMS Support Agreement. This agreement is required for both software and hardware phone support and is available for purchase through John Deere dealers, by calling 888 — GRNSTAR or through

e-mail: [email protected].

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