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Making hay

AGCO Corporation expands the options for hay equipment with its new lines of square balers, round balers and rakes.

New Idea square balers. Models in New Idea’s new 7200 series of square balers follow true centerline design.

The 7205, 7210, 7215 and 7220 feature chain drives, adjustable pickup flotation, dual gauge wheels and centering augers. The 7205 and 7210 offer hydraulic bale throwers, hydraulic pickup lifts and hydraulic density controls as options. The two balers, as well as the 7215, make 14- x 18-in. bales; the 7220 makes slightly larger 16- x 18-in. bales. Price: $13,890 to $22,155.

The 7233, the only large square baler in the lineup, needs only 90 hp to produce 1,000 lbs. of dry hay or 1,500 lbs. of silage bales measuring 3 x 3 ft. It can attach to the 7235 accumulator that holds one to five bales between 4 ft., 11 in. and 8 ft. Price: $61,145 to $65,900.

New Idea round balers. New Idea claims that its new variable chamber round balers produce solid, high-density bales that offer easy handling and excellent weatherability. Features on the 6365, 6364 and 6345 include centering augers, stuffer fingers and hydraulically actuated slip clutches. The 6364 and 6365 also have self-contained hydraulic systems that wrap the bale, disengage the drive, eject the bale, close the baler and reengage the drive with the touch of a button. These two models can produce bales that are 72 in. in diameter and weigh up to 2,200 lbs. The 6345 produces 1,140-lb. bales measuring 60 in. in diameter. Price: $11,250 to $28,150.

New Idea rakes. Nine rakes in three different series are the new additions to New Idea’s line of hay rake equipment.

All of the wheel rakes feature 55-in. rake wheels, 7-mm-dia. rake tines, 40 tines/wheel, and tapered, roller wheel bearings.

The smaller 4317 and 4318 feature 8 wheels and a 12.5- to 17.2-ft. raking width to make 40- to 68-in. windrows. The 4321, 4322 and 4324 can rake up to 24 ft. using 12 rake wheels and make windrows that vary from 33 to 68 in. The 4324 wheel rake includes inboard rake wheels, hydraulic folding wings and 46 in. of clearance under the rear beam.

The V-rakes feature simultaneous-lifting rake wheels and an adjustable drawbar clevis. The 4308, 4310 and 4312 contain 8, 10 and 12 wheels, respectively, while raking in 16 to 24 ft. of hay, making variable 48- to 72-in. windrows.

The 4240 rotary rake features a cam-operated tine action and has 12 toothbars with 4 double tines per toothbar. It can rake up to 14.75 ft. of hay. Price: $1,660 to $9,865.

Hesston rakes. Hesston introduces one rotary rake and three V-rakes to its hay equipment line.

Its newest rotary rake, model 3740, features cam-operated tine action and 12 individual toothbars that can be attached or detached from the rotor arms. An internal rotor cam varies the width of the windrow. It can rake in 14 ft., 9 in. of hay and costs $5,785.

The 5000 series V-rakes feature 55-in. rake wheels, 40 tines/wheel and wings that fold upward for transport. The 5008, 5010 and 5012, with 8, 10 and 12 rake wheels, respectively, can rake in 20, 22 or 24 ft. of hay to make windrows varying between 48 and 72 in. Price: $3,415 and $3,885.

For more information, contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30096-2568, 770/813-9200, or visit or

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