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Machinery department

Wide spraying

Farmers now have access to custom applicator technology with the new 90-ft., air-suspension boom sprayer from P-K Manufacturing. The 1,250-gal. sprayer features air-bag suspension to give a smooth ride through the field. Operators adjust pressure in the air bags to take field bounce out of the boom for faster field operation. The boom can operate with one or both sides fully extended or half extended. It includes power-to-valve indicator lights, TeeJet 110 VP tips, a 2-in. quick fill kit, and a hydraulic-powered, high-volume centrifugal pump. Price: $26,000. Contact P-K Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 12152, Omaha, NE 68112, 800/367-7562,

Spraying, planting aids

Four new products from Micro-Track will make spring spraying and planting easier.

The new SprayMate automatic rate controller with built-in switches for liquid, dry and anhydrous applications controls application rate, flow rate, total flow, speed, distance and area per hour. Prices start at $977.

The controller can work with the company's new high-capacity heat exchanger that keeps anhydrous in liquid form for accurate measurement through a flowmeter. The Liquifier allows application of anhydrous at a rate of up to 9,000 lbs./hr. A kit starts at $3,100 and includes a stainless steel heat exchanger, electric shutoff valve, stainless steel anhydrous regulating valve, 1½-in. stainless steel flowmeter and required hardware and tubing.

The new Flowmaster 270 is a 2-in. flanged flowmeter that can be installed quickly and easily into existing plumbing. Prices start at $365.

The Shaft-Trak allows an operator to monitor up to six rotating shafts on a planter or seeder. The device immediately alerts the operator if one of the shafts is not operating and therefore not planting. Prices start at $245. Contact Micro-Trak Systems Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 99, Eagle Lake, MN 56024, 800/328-9613,

Planter narrows for transport

The new 1770NT Max Emerge Plus planter from John Deere combines high capacity with a narrow transport width. The 16-row planter folds down to a transport width of 12 ft., which is 3 ft. less than Deere's older 16-row planter models. It features an increased ground clearance of 22 in., creating more maneuverability in a planter this size, according to the company. Plus, the new planter boasts more strength and greater frame flex to handle increased planting demands.

The planter is available in two frames: a non-fertilizer frame and a fertilizer frame that is designed to carry additional weight. The company claims that the three-section frame of the planter offers great frame flex with a 21° wing flex relative to the center section, which allows easy rolling over ground or terraces. Deere's engineers also redesigned the hydraulic system to allow two frame-raise heights: 11 in. for field operation and 22 in. for road transport. The liquid fertilizer system includes a 600-gal. tank, central manifold and piston pump. The planter should be available in a few months. No price has been set yet. Contact your local John Deere dealer, visit

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