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Machinery department

Utility tractor

Mahindra continues to add to its line of utility tractors in the United States with the introduction of the 4500 model. This new model, built in India, is equipped with a 42-hp, 4-stroke, 3-cyl. diesel engine and partial synchromesh transmission. It includes hydrostatic power steering, fully enclosed dry disc brakes, a hydraulic system lift capacity of 3,525 lbs. and a PTO horsepower of 37. Operating weight is 4,752 lbs. The 4500 features the company's updated tractor design as well as a longer front wheel base. Retail price: $13,200. Contact Mahindra USA Inc., Dept. FIN, 17723 FM 2920, Tomball, TX 77375, 800/887-2286,

Speedy header transport

Farmers who combine fields over long distances will appreciate Unverferth's Road Runner header transport, which enables quick transport of headers between fields. The unit's 31-ft.-long upper rest bar supports the full width of a 30-ft. combine head. The unit's telescopic hitch allows for easy hookup. The tongue has an adjustable length to match various towing vehicles. Suggested retail price: $4,350 with tiedowns, lights and the optional electric brake package. Contact Unverferth, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 419/532-3121,

Steroid Steiger

When it comes to pulling wide tillage implements and scraper pans through heavy conditions, there's no substitute for size, horsepower and power to the ground. That seems to be the philosophy behind the new Case IH 425 and 450 STX Steiger tractors. And it's a philosophy that's shared by the Steigers' blue tractor cousins, the New Holland 425TJ and 450TJ, which were introduced just a few weeks ago (see “Common platform power,” October issue, page 42). Red or blue, both brands are plenty buff and ready to pump some serious iron across the field.

Earthmovers STX Steiger tractors were first sold last year, introducing advancements in steering, diagnostics and track design. The machines were comfortable, serviceable and so durable that, paired with a scraper pan or two, they became among the first farm tractors to be snatched up by excavation companies looking for a less expensive way to move dirt.

Steiger specs The STX450 comes equipped with a standard 16-speed full power-shift transmission and in wheeled or Quadtrac versions. Both versions are available in scraper configurations.

Case says operators have asked for an additional model offering a 24-speed manual transmission. So the new STX425 offers an optional 24-speed fully synchronized manual transmission on the wheeled agricultural version. The STX425 also can be ordered with a 16-speed full power-shift transmission in wheeled or Quadtrac versions.

All five STX models (275, 325, 375, 425 and 450) feature “full-authority” fuel injection engines to monitor and continuously optimize engine performance.

The basic price for wheeled Steigers ranges from $133,779 to $204,089. Quadtrac versions range from $216,993 to $235,010. Case currently has a network of 4,000 dealers in 150 countries. Contact Case Corp., 700 State St., Racine, WI 53404, 262/636-6011,

Residue remover

The Summers Manufacturing Company claims that its Supercoulter will slice through residue without disturbing the soil. The tool is equipped with 13 wave — or a combination of wave and straight — coulters that cut and distribute residue without burying it and without disturbing the soil.

The Supercoulter is built on a 4-in. square and 4- x 6-in. rectangular tube frame. Dual axles equipped with 11L x 15-in. tires mounted on six-bolt hubs assist with depth control and aid flotation over a variety of ground conditions. Depth is set with rephrasing hydraulic cylinders located on each set of wheels. Super-flex C-shanks assist in absorbing shocks from rocks and stumps. This feature helps extend the life of bearings and blades. The unit’s hitch follows the line of draft and practically eliminates side draft, which allows the Supercoulter to pull evenly.

The implement is available in 30- and 40-ft. widths. Suggested retail price: $1,000/ft. Contact Summers Mfg. Co., Box 400, Maddock, ND 58348-0040, 800/732-4347, .

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