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Louisiana farmers receive Section 18 for carbofuran

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry has declared a Section 18 crisis exemption for the use of carbofuran on cotton aphids due to the unusually dry conditions in four parishes in central Louisiana.

The LDAF made the declaration because “droughthy” crop conditions were making it difficult for cotton plants to pick up the active ingredients of other insecticides labeled for cotton aphid control.

“All of these compounds must be absorbed into the plant tissue or move by translaminar activity to provide optimum control,” said LDAF Commissioner Bob Odom in a letter informing EPA of the declaration. “The true contact activity of these products is fairly low and not sufficient to provide satisfactory control.”

Carbofuran or Furadan is a contact insecticide that can be applied using ground or aerial application equipment.

Under the exemption, growers in Concordia, Catahoula, Avoyelles and Tensas Parishes can make one application of Furadan on up to 15,000 acres of cotton. The label rate for the application is 8 ounces of product or one-fourth pound of active ingredient per acre.

Before making an application, crop consultants or LDAF personnel must determine that aphid pressure in the field to be treated exceeds 100 insects per leaf.

Applicators must also determine whether any federally listed threatened and endangered species could be adversely affected by their use of the product, Odom’s letter said. Applicators must contact LDAF if they do not know if endangered species are in the area.

Furadan may not be applied over water or immediately before or after irrigation. Aerial applications cannot be applied within 200 yards or ground applications within 20 yards of bodies of water, including rivers, streams, lakes, ponds or bogs.

Applications cannot be made after June 27.

For more information on the Section 18 exemption, contact Bobby Simoneaux, director of pesticide and environmental programs with the LDAF, at 225 925-3763.


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