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People from all over enjoy Hoosier tradition: Sugar cream pie

Volunteers serve sugar cream pie at All-American Junior Sheep Show in Indianapolis
HOOSIER PIE: What could be more Hoosier than serving sugar cream pie from Wick’s Pies Inc. in Winchester, Ind., at an All-American event? It happened during the All-American Junior Sheep Show in Indianapolis on July 6.
All-American Junior Sheep Show attendees eat 72 pies in 15 minutes!

Lynn Kuhn wanted to add as many Indiana touches as possible to the All-American Junior Sheep Show this year. It returned to Indiana for its 25th anniversary, after originating in the Hoosier State. The show was held July 6-8 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

Kuhn, a Rush County sheep breeder, and his wife, Kellie, were part of the organizing committee that brought the show to Indianapolis and helped ensure that it was successful. Kuhn thought nothing could be more “Hoosier” than offering visitors from all over the U.S. a slice of Hoosier hospitality in the form of sugar cream pie.

He contacted Wicks Pies Inc. in Winchester, and they liked the idea. The company donated 72 pies for the event. On July 6, during the opening festivities, Kuhn and a team of volunteers cut and served the pies. Each pie was cut into eight pieces, which means some 570-plus pieces of pie were waiting on five long tables on paper plates, with a fork stuck in for good eating measure, when Dave Trotter, the announcer for the event, let people know that sugar cream pie was available — for free. The tables were emptied in less than 15 minutes as sheep lovers and their families swooped in to grab pieces of mouth-watering pie.

Kuhn thought the pie-eating event got the festivities off to a good start. He extends a special thanks to the Wicks people who made it possible to give everyone who visited Indiana a sweet slice of Hoosier hospitality. 

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