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Peaceful Easy Feedin’

Harrison, Arkansas, Nov. 2, 2009 – When Randy Stull got injured while feeding his cattle, he decided that he needed a way to “Stay out of the Stampede.” What he came up with is what we call the “Stull Feeder.” After a dozen different designs, we finally settled on the laser-crafted products that we offer to our fellow cattlemen. The Stull Feeder can be used to feed cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and even deer. The Stull Feeder is manufactured in our hometown of Harrison, Arkansas, and is available worldwide.

Our standard gravity flow Feeder is made of 16 gauge galvanized steel that has a capacity to hold up to 200 pounds of all pelletized feed. The basic feeder comes mountable to all ATV models and measures 18W x 24H x 36D, which also has a built in toolbox. There are optional UTV mounting brackets available to be able to mount the 200 pound feeder to all UTVs as well.

We also offer the 400 pound capacity feeder, also made of 16 gauge galvanized steel and has the capacity to hold 400 pounds of any pelletized feed. This larger Feeder is designed for UTV mounting only and comes with everything needed to mount above the bed of your specific UTV. The 400 pound capacity feeder measures 30W x 24H x 40D.

We also offer an optional extension handle mountable to either of the Stull Feeders for the use on trucks or 4 seat side by sides. At Stull Feeders, Inc our number one goal is FARMER SAFTY.

We also offer the Handy Weed Wipe. Instead of spraying your weeds, wipe your pesticides on the weeds so you don't kill the grass underneath. We offer it in a 5 and 10 foot length. Our wipe can be used on 4 wheelers, UTVs and trucks. The wipe comes with a hose to hook up to any size tank (tank not included). The farmer can use any size tank, and it is very simple to use and operate. It works off of valves. This wipe works great for Johnson grass or any type of weeds.

For more information, call 800/369-4131 or visit

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