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Minnesota-based Zinpro marks 50 years in animal nutrition business

Paula Mohr dairy cows in feedbunk
BEYOND LAMENESS: Dairy cattle lameness was the initial product focus for Zinpro Corp. Its founder, Dean Anderson, believed that the trace mineral zinc played a role in improving animal health and performance, and he worked to develop an animal nutritional supplement that would help. Today, the company marks 50 years in the business.
Ongoing research, development and steady growth have led the company into manufacturing human nutrition products, too.

Once known for its trace mineral products specifically to help animal lameness, Zinpro Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn., has evolved to become a global provider of performance nutrition products for animals.

Rob Sheffer
NEW LEADERSHIP: Rob Sheffer was promoted to Zinpro president and CEO in January 2020. He joined the company in 2017 as chief operating office after working more than 25 years in the global animal nutrition business.

Last week, the company commemorated its 50th year in business and shared a new website and rebranding that focuses on its commitment for the future — "Advancing Performance Together." 

“With a new brand identity that reflects our comprehensive, solutions-based approach, Zinpro is determined to remain the industry leader for the next 50 years,” says Rob Sheffer, Zinpro president and CEO. “We are a performance company working side by side with our customers and partners to achieve better outcomes for animals and people.”

Since its founding in 1971 by Dean Anderson, Zinpro has focused its research and development on providing products to enhance animal health and performance. Anderson initially worked with tying zinc to protein — hence, Zinpro — and then to amino acids, finding that the latter increased absorption in the animal.

Over the decades, Zinpro has grown to provide animal nutrition products for ruminants, poultry, swine, equine, aquaculture and companion animals — and more recently, people.

Zinpro Corporation headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn
CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: Zinpro Corp. has its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. It also has 11 regional offices worldwide and sells products in more than 70 countries. (Courtesy of Zinpro)

Company research helped formulate nutritional supplements for the human body that also offer high nutrient absorption.

Sheffer says the company has produced more than 300 scientific animal health and nutrition peer-reviewed papers.

"Agriculture is such a great industry, where we can maximize production and in a sustainable way,” Sheffer adds. Along with researching and producing products, Zinpro staff work alongside customers to ensure animal health and productivity, such as lameness prevention and inflammation management. One example of this is the company’s Perfect Carcass program, where Zinpro staff visit plants to evaluate bird carcasses to see if they would benefit from improved nutrition.

Zinpro animal health products
PERFORMANCE FOCUS: Zinpro animal health products are available for ruminants, monogastrics, poultry and companion animals. (Courtesy of Zinpro)

Today, the family-owned company employs a team of world-class animal scientists, has 11 regional offices worldwide and sells its products in more than 70 countries.

“It’s exciting for us turning 50 years old and being able to honor our past,” Sheffer says. “We’re looking forward to our future journey with our customers.”

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