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All-American youths keep eyes on the bovines

The overall team from the 4-H division at the All-American Invitational Youth Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
TOP 4-H TEAM: The overall team from the 4-H division hails from Wisconsin.
Contestants judged 10 classes of cattle and gave oral explanations for their decision.

Virginia Tech, Kaskaskia College, Wisconsin 4-H and Georgia FFA won their respective divisions at the All-American Invitational Youth Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pa.

Contestants judged 10 classes of cattle and then gave oral reasons on four or five of the classes depending on their division. The top five individuals and teams were recognized in each division for specific breed performance, oral reasons and overall results.

Special touches in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the contest included a table of memorabilia from contests across all decades, a reunion of past contest superintendents and assistants, and special awards.

David and Janet Hileman of Hilecrest Farms in Sinking Valley, Pa., provided 50th anniversary $500 scholarships to the top oral reasons contestants in each of the four divisions: FFA, 4-H, two-year junior college and four-year collegiate.

TOP FFA: The overall team in the FFA division hails from Georgia.

Results of the 2018 contest are as follows:

Top 5 college teams
Virginia Tech
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Purdue University

Top 10 college individuals
Sarah Thomas, attending Virginia Tech
Hannah Dye, attending Ohio State University
Lindsay Smith, attending Delaware Valley University
Erica Helmer, attending University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Haely Leiding, attending University of Minnesota
Ryan Benter, attending Perdue University
Justin Ayers, attending Penn State University
Ryan Smith, attending University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Cameron Cook, attending Michigan State
Lauren Hendel, attending University of Minnesota

Top 5 junior college teams
Kaskaskia College: Cady McGehee, Alex Walden, Brock Irwin and Patrick Tegler
Modesto Junior College: Nick Machado, Adriana Toste, Donavan Miguel and Carson Haringe
The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute: Lauren Almasy, Stephanie Wyatt, Brennan Topp and Kylie Mclean
Morrisville College: Alyssa Grocott, Garrett Jenkins, Madison Woodis and Brandon Nickerson
SUNY Cobleskill: Shannon Sears, Rachel Hall, Lydia Williams and Toni Jacque

Top 10 junior college individuals
Nick Machado, Modesto Junior College
Lauren Almasy, The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
Cady McGehee, Kaskaskia College
Alex Walden, Kaskaskia College
Brock Irwin, Kaskaskia College
Shannon Sears, Suny Cobleskill
Alyssa Grocott, Morrisville College
Garrett Jenkins, Morrisville College
Adriana Toste, Modesto Junior College
Donavan Miguel, Modesto Junior College

Top 10 4-H individuals
Quinn Dum, Pennsylvania
Anne Runde, Wisconsin
Joseph Real, Vermont
Jenna Broege, Wisconsin
Miriam Cook, Michigan
Isabell Hall, Vermont
Madeleine Nadeau, Vermont
Kyle Vanderfeltz, Pennsylvania
Lydia Chittenden, New York
Sarah Quallen, Ohio

Top 5 4-H teams
Wisconsin: Jenna Broege, Otis Johnson, Ben Kronberg and Anne Runde
Vermont: Seth Carson, Isabel Hall, Madeleine Nadeau and Joseph Real
Pennsylvania: Kyle Vanderfeltz, George Sebright, Quinn Dum and Victoria Clark
Ohio: Gracie Mccarren, Sarah Quallen, David Miley and Sarah Rhoades
Michigan: Ian Black, Caitie Theisen, Miriam Cook and Jacob Vandermolen

Top 5 FFA teams
Georgia: Grace Thomas, Alden Burke, Emily Hines and Emily Williams
Texas: Payton Galloway, Jessica Nolt, Parker Ralston and Jacy Carpenter
Wisconsin: Kristi Getschel, Grace Haase, Marie Haase and Mikayla Peper
Indiana: Logan Hollar, Jackson Zemplin, Kayla Estrada and Evan Coblentz
Kentucky: consisting of Noah Dunning, Kelly Baird, Madison Goodlett and Tyler Moehrke

Top 10 FFA individuals
Jessica Nolt, Texas
Jackson Zemplin, Indiana
Noah Dunning, Kentucky
Hayley Gillette, Connecticut
Evan Coblentz, Indiana
Grace Thomas, Georgia
Grace Haase, Wisconsin
Marie Haase, Wisconsin
Emily Hines, Georgia
Jacy Carpenter, Texas

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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