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Lindsay introduces custom corner system

Lindsay Manufacturing Co. announces its development of the new Zimmatic MAXfield Custom corner system, with SmartChip Technology. The MAXfield Custom is designed for application uniformity.

The new MAXfield Custom corner design helps growers improve uniformity and better utilization resources.

“It is the first continuous move corner system that can learn and remember the unique characteristics of the area beyond the pivot circle,” said Al Kuta, Zimmatic product manager. “This development has been integrated with other innovations to provide a breakthrough in corner irrigation. Simply put, it allows sprinklers to be turned on and off in precise coordination with their location in the corner area and it works to minimize overwatering and underwatering often associated with traditional corner systems.”

Technology incorporated in the new system includes:

  • SmartChip Technology

    Once the system is installed, the SmartChip Technology sends the MAXfield Custom corner on a “mapping rotation” where 1,024 readings are taken. The information is transmitted to Lindsay, where the company's proprietary virtual modeling software determines the final custom water application program. The application program is uploaded to the MAXfield processor for a more-uniform application pattern.

  • MAP Software (MAXfield Application Planner)

    Using a field's unique characteristics, a Zimmatic dealer creates a computerized model of a field to build and test a virtual irrigation system.

  • AccuFlow Sprinkler Package

    This package uses a proprietary rapid-cycling feature to turn on and off individual sprinkler banks in precise relation to the corner arm's swing angle.

  • High-Flow Joint

    The MAXfield Custom simplifies and improves connection between the center pivot and corner arm with its exclusive high-flow joint. Instead of a leak-prone external hose, an internally-housed pivoting joint provides extra protection against failure and reduces water friction loss.

“The result,” Kuta says, “is that irrigators who want to maximize land usage with a corner system can now get more efficiency from their investment in labor, energy water and chemicals.”

As simple to operate as a standard center pivot, the MAXfield Custom corner system is designed for use with a GrowSmart control panel. The MAXfield Custom's steerable corner arm can provide a maximum extended reach of 280 feet. Depending on field configuration, the extra reach allows from 23 to 51 additional acres to be brought into irrigation. For more information, visit

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