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One option you failed to mention in your recent article on corn rootworm (“Root Guardians,” page 40, Dec. 2003) was the option of adding Poncho 1250 seed-applied insecticide on the refuge acres. Poncho 1250 is very effective (at least as effective as most granulars) in controlling corn rootworm larva. We apply it right on the seed at the plant so the producer won't ever have to handle granular insecticides.

Peter Jung
Jung Seed Genetics, Inc.
Randolph, WI


In response to “My View,” (page 4, Dec. 2003) the reason I and others have a hard time supporting the hog industry (even though we are still producing Berkshire's for a niche market) is because what we're really supporting are the “corporates” who have and will put all the independents out of business — eventually.

Are we supposed to gloss over the downside of what has happened due to concentration? Manure spills, diseases we can't control, an influx of cheap labor, death of our downtowns and other problems come with the larger units.

This industry isn't about market efficiency anymore. It's about market power. What baffles me is we've seen this story before in poultry and the pork industry grabs onto it like it's their savior. I hope the grain industry is watching because it is and will happen there, too.

Lisa Siebrecht
Curlew, IA


I was pleased to see your commentary on the value of 4-H. (“My View,” page 4, Oct. 2003) It made my day to open the pub and see the clovers. We struggle with support for 4-H here on the local and state levels both monetarily and in spirit. Some seem to feel it's an outdated, worn-out program no longer worthy of investment.

I can't buy that at all because I know first-hand how valuable the experience is for youth. I'm a 4-H alum, parent, club leader and chair our local 4-H Foundation.

Thanks for your support and for reminding others 4-H needs their support, also. We can't take for granted that it will always be here.

Dee Weeda
Thayer, IA

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