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In your article on Phytophthora, p. 38, in the November 2007 issue, you state that P. sojae can be controlled by treating seeds with fungicides containing metalaxyl. That is true, but the active isomer of metalaxyl, mefenoxam, marketed by Syngenta, is also active and at half the active ingredient rate of metalaxyl and is the market leader for this use.

Metalaxyl and mefenoxam are both chemical names for active ingredients. Metalaxyl is sold under various brand names including Allegiance from Bayer. Mefenoxam is sold as Apron XL by Syngenta. Mefenoxam is not a form of metalaxyl. It is the active isomer found in metalaxyl but it is a distinctly different active ingredient as the registrations at EPA would indicate. The trade refers to metalaxyl and mefenoxam as different chemistries and products.
Thank you. Mark Jirak
Crop Manager, Professional Products
Syngenta Seed Care


Rising prices for U.S. commodities should propel U.S. net farm income to a record $87.5 billion in 2007, up sharply from about $59 billion in 2006, according to USDA.

The previous record high for net farm income was $85.9 billion in 2004. Net cash income is forecast to be $85.7 billion in 2007, up $17.8 billion from 2006 and $20.3 billion above its 10-year average, USDA reports. This is only slightly below the prior record level of $85.8 billion set in 2005.

The higher prices available to U.S. farmers are principally resulting from strong demand from the domestic biofuels industry and from foreign buyers.

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