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Call for coalition

Your headline on the article ridiculing the NOAA Fisheries biological opinion (Western Farm Press, June 20, 2009) might just as easily read “Commercial and sport salmon fishermen get a little break for once.”

Last I looked, about 70 percent of the water development in California still supplies agriculture, and this is the second year that fishing has been killed outright instead of being just crippled by water operations. The amount directed back to fish flows is only a small percentage of that used for agriculture.

I am a supporter of agriculture, but I also like to fish, and I think you'll find a lot of farmers do too.

It is time to admit that there isn't enough water to go around, and start working to build a coalition of those who work with natural systems (which includes farmers and fishermen, as well as waterfowl hunters). If you lose those allies, the water fish, farms and waterfowl need will ALL be going to municipal and industrial users.
Earle Cummings
Geyserville, Calif.

Fish over people

Your article on what the Feds (National Marine Fisheries Service) are going to do to us and our water supply in California shows how crazy these guys are (Western Farm Press, June 20, 2009).

Mr. Wade is correct; the latest absurd biological opinion is “just more of the same.” They want power over California water, and I don't see (the) Obama administration will care or do anything about the loss of farms and jobs. You can't play nice with these people. We have to fight every step of the way because remember liberalism is a mental disorder! How else can you explain choosing fish over people.
Geoff Bloomingdale
Goleta, Calif.

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