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drainage tile installation
TILE VALUE: Tile is installed to improve cropland in North Dakota.

Drain tile value shows up in North Dakota land auction

Land Auction Report: ‘Well-located’ 80 acres in Minnehaha County tops market.

Tiled land in the northern Red River Valley sold for approximately $1,300 per acre more than untiled land at a recent public auction. The price difference showed up in the auction of 153 acres of Walsh County land that had uniform soils. Read on to learn more about that auction and the sale of several eastern South Dakota cropland tracts.

Tiled North Dakota land brings $6,784 per acre

About 153 acres of “some of the most desirable soil in the state of North Dakota,” according to the sale bill, sold in two tracts at public auction recently.

Eighty acres, which was patterned filed, sold for $6,275 per deeded acre or $6,784 per cropland acre. The remaining 73 acres sold for $4,932 per deeded acre. The entirety of the farm was made up of Glyndon Silt Loam soils with a productivity index of 92.

“The farm is suitable for all high value crops grown in this region including sugar beets, potatoes, edible beans, corn and soybeans,” the sale bill read. — Auction conducted and managed by Steffes Group, Fargo, N.D. Phone: 701-237-9173.

80 in Minnehaha County commands $7,950 per acre

A “well-located” 80 acres in Minnehaha County, S.D., sold for $7,950 per acre at an auction in March. “This property features areas that could be developed into attractive rural acreage housing sites by the utilization of either of the housing eligibilities,” the auctioneer said in the sale bill. The property had 76 acres of cropland with an overall soil rating of .78 and a Surety Agri-Data soils productivity index of 80.2.

There were some areas of the property that could be improved by the installation of some drain tile, according to the sale bill. An NRCS certified wetland determination had been completed indicating that many of the wet areas appear to be considered prior converted wetlands. — Auction managed and conducted by Sutton Auctioneer and Land Broker, Sioux Falls, S.D. Phone: 605-336-6315.

Highway 81 land brings $5,100 per acre

Land south of Freeman, S.D., on Highway 81 sold for $5,100 per acre at a recent auction. The land was suitable for farming, a grain storage site, a commercial venture or a new home.

“Great eye appeal with gently rolling topography,” the sale bill read. The entirety of the land was tillable. The average productivity index was 63.5 and 3,550 feet of drain tile had been installed. — Auction managed and conducted by Wieman Land and Auction Co., Marion, S.D. Phone: 800-251-3111.

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