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Kodiak FL fungicide

KODIAK FL, a flowable formulation of Kodiak biological seed-applied fungicide registered to protect cotton and other crops from seedling diseases, is now available from Gustafson LLC, Plano, Texas.

Kodiak contains a select strain of Bacillus subtilis endospores. The endospores extend seedling protection against rhizoctonia, fusarium, alternaria, aspergillus and other disease organisms that attack root systems and weaken plant vigor and stand.

Kodiak is recommended for use in combination with other registered Gustafson seed-applied insecticides and fungicides.

Kodiak FL may be applied as a water-based slurry in combination with other registered seed-applied insecticides and fungicides through standard slurry or mist commercial seed treatment equipment.

Cotton seed may be treated with Kodiak FL at a rate of 0.5 fluid ounce per 100 pounds of seed.

Seedling diseases are most active under cool conditions. However, research has shown that pathogens such as rhizoctonia can be active under a wide range of temperatures and can affect seedlings through the first 45 days of seedling development.

Kodiak is designed to be used in combination with a conventional seed-applied fungicide such as Baytan or Vitavax to extend the window of protection.

Within four to eight hours after planting, the bacterial endospores in Kodiak begin to reproduce, reaching populations of up to 1 million cells per gram of root. The actively growing bacteria surround the growing roots, blocking the intrusion of disease pathogens into the plant. They also produce a chemical inhibitor that can slow the growth of dangerous pathogens, especially rhizoctonia.

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