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Kinze introduces Twin-Line planter

Kinze has added the 3650 Twin-Line conventional model planter with individual seed hoppers to complement the 3650 bulk fill model planter it introduced last year. The new Kinze 3650 Twin-Line planters in 12 Row N (30”) and 16 Row N (30”) sizes, are both available with liquid fertilizer packages and narrow-row Interplant Systems.

According to Kinze Marketing Manager Dennis Whitehead, the liquid fertilizer and interplant package combination is a first for larger planters.

“The key is to maintain good balance and weight distribution. Any time you add extra weight and attachments to the toolbar, especially on larger capacity planters, balance and weight distribution must be factored in. Otherwise, you end up compromising critical areas like consistent depth control or stability in transport,” he says. “Ideally, we like to see hitch weights around 3,000 pounds and, of course, a well balanced toolbar — front to rear and side to side. And Kinze 3650 models are the only large, multi-task combination planters that can also negotiate a 12-foot gate.”

The liquid fertilizer package on the new 3650 Conventional Twin-Line Planter features four custom-molded poly tanks that are mounted across the center section and both wings. The tanks and mounting hardware are cradled by a rugged double 5-inch by 7-inch toolbar frame with heavy-duty hinges. The four-row 12RN and six-row 16RN wing sections flex seven degrees up or down when planting and are hydraulically locked rigid for transport.

Total liquid fertilizer capacity of the tanks is 500 gallons on the 3650 12 Row N, and 600 gallons on the 16 Row N.

A John Blue piston pump, with flow divider, comes with a dedicated, spring-loaded 7.60-inch by 15-inch ground drive tire for precision fertilizer distribution. Several fertilizer opener options are available including a notched single disc opener with optional gauge wheel or residue wheel, double disc openers, or heavy-duty single disc fertilizer openers.

Patented Kinze push row units are a key to the exclusive interplant system design. They not only maximize residue and soil flow between row units, but also help balance the weight of the row units evenly on both the front and rear of the toolbars, the company says.

Also available is an optional even-row push row unit package that enables producers to increase planting widths and avoid stalk damage to tractor tires in no-till production systems. This is accomplished by shifting the planter hitch 7.5 inches off-center, to plant two 15-inch rows between the previous year's 30-inch rows. A hydraulically-actuated stabilizer ensures toolbar-to-axle alignment by locking the toolbar to the axle/hitch for even greater stability.

A high clearance axle improves visibility, provides additional ground clearance and assists residue flow around the rear row units. New, improved, larger-diameter 41 by 8R22.5 radial tires provide increased flotation in the field and greater stability in transport.

The heavily reinforced “Evolution Series” Row Units are 100 percent robotically welded and designed for long life with simple adjustments and smooth, reliable operation. Load-equalizing gauge wheels provide consistent seed placement, even in heavy residue or rugged planting conditions.

An updated seed hopper design offers superior cleanout and 1.9 bushel seed capacity. Mechanical seed metering is provided by finger pickup meters for corn and oil sunflower, or brush-type seed meters for soybeans, milo/grain sorghum or acid-delinted cotton.

Additional row unit attachments include no till coulters, residue wheels, disc furrowers and granular chemical attachments with a variety of chemical banding choices.

Complete electric/hydraulic control of row markers, point row clutches and folding/unfolding functions are handled right from the tractor seat. Electronic seed monitors are available for standard rows and interplant systems. Tough, durable power-coat paint maximizes protection and fade resistance.

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