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John Deere's Newest Additions


John Deere introduces two new high-horsepower tractors: the 9620 and 9620T rated at 500 engine horsepower.

The new 9620/9620T tractors are powered by the 12.5 liter (766-cu. in.) John Deere Power Tech engines that meet Tier II EPA emission levels. These engines feature a 7% power bulge at 1,900 rpm and a 38% torque rise at 1,600 rpm for quick response in tough conditions.

The 9620s also feature the 18-speed PowerShift transmission with Automatic PowerShift (APS). When APS is activated, the transmission automatically shifts up or down, based on tractor load, to maximize pulling performance.

The new tractors are also GreenStar system-ready and are prewired to allow easy hookup of all GreenStar components. AutoTrac assisted steering is also available.

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John Deere introduces the new MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP planter units. These units have been strengthened to meet demands of varying field conditions and a wide variety of planter attachments.

The biggest feature is a new, stronger ductile iron cast shank. A new manufacturing process is used to create the single-piece row unit shank that's stronger than the traditional 11-piece welded shank it replaces.

The shank deflects without bending, withstands great impact without cracking and is machined with close tolerances for precise alignment of components, says Bill Barr, product manager.

The new row units come with an increased Tru-Vee blade thickness from 3.0 to 3.5 mm which translates into an increased wear life of 20%, Barr says.

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John Deere introduces DB planters now equipped with optional bulk-fill capabilities. The exclusive Central Commodity System (CCS) can now be ordered with the DB44, DB58 and DB80 planters.

CCS is a two-tank, central-fill system with a combined capacity of 100 bu. that allows the operator good visibility to the rear of the planter.

DB planters, available with the CCS system, are produced through an agreement with Bauer Built Manufacturing.

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The new 1770NT 12Row30 front-fold planter has been introduced by John Deere. This machine, spaced for 30-in. rows, has the same frame design used on the larger 1770 NT 16Row30 front-fold planters.

The new three-section, front-folding frame with telescoping hitch allows the frame wings to flex 21° up· and down, ideal for rolling ground conditions.

When folded, the frame is designed for narrow 12-ft. transport, and consists of four row units on the center section and four on each wing. In addition, it offers 22 in. of underframe ground clearance.

Compared to the current 1770 12Row30 planters, the new machines are almost 3 ft. shorter in field position and 8 in. shorter in transport, keeping the planter closer to the tractor.

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