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John Deere Unveils Next Generation Of No-Till Drills

John Deere's highly popular 750 No-Till Drill has been retired in favor of its new 1560 No-Till Drill. Also, a new 1860 No-Till Air Drill is replacing its 1850 model.

Besides new looks and capacities, these new drills boast a flock of new improvements, according to Deere officials.

For starters, the new models feature enhanced depth gauging, no-tools-required opener adjustment and all-till capability.

One of the most noteworthy features on both new models, say Deere engineers, is the new opener. Designed and manufactured by John Deere, it has more precise depth gauging, with 13 depth settings in 1/4" increments. That compares with 7/16" increments on the previous opener.

The new design also provides 2" of vertical float before "active" hydraulic down-pressure and opener spring force are applied. This enables the opener to follow rolling terrain and run in mellow soil conditions without applying excessive down force.

Opener down-pressure can be adjusted from a minimum of 165 lbs up to 450 lbs (depending on the model). The result is accurate depth control in any seedbed conditions.

A choice of either steel or smooth-sided gauge wheels is available to match soil conditions.

Seed flow to the furrow is enhanced by a 25% larger steel seed tube inserted into the seed boot. A new two-piece seed boot with replaceable bottom portion helps cut maintenance time and cost.

The opener hub also features a sealed double-row ball bearing design that reduces maintenance. Adjusting the new opener for peak performance has never been easier, note the engineers.

In addition to the new opener, the plain-grain version of the 1560 model has a new look and capacity, the result of a new box shape. It also fills and empties more easily.

The 1560 model comes in 10, 15 and 20' working widths, and 7 or 10" row spacing.

The 1860 no-till model combines the advantages of the new no-till opener with a 30, 36 or 42 1/2' working width for seeding a lot of acres in all types of conditions, quickly.

Ample clearance enables the units to handle a wide range of no-till residue.

With convenient fold-and-go design, the 30 and 36' models transport at 14',4" the largest model at 18',4".

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