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John Deere tillage tools feature precise depth control

The new John Deere 2200 Field Cultivator with AccuDepth technology helps producers where it really counts — in the pocketbook. This new cultivator has the most accurate depth control (increments of less than a quarter-inch) of any field cultivator ever designed by John Deere.

AccuDepth allows the operator to raise, lower, set depth, and level the frame from within the cab. The accurate depth control system reduces soil moisture loss, mixes chemical, and tills the soil at very precise depths. The system display in the cab gives readings on depth and frame levelness and is fully compatible with GreenStar precision farming systems as well.

Additional components of AccuDepth include a cylinder with proportional valve and position sensor to adjust each section's frame depth independently from the rest of the unit. This leads to a more level operation with extremely accurate depth control.

In addition to precision and accuracy, the 2200 Field Cultivator is built to withstand the toughest field conditions. New TruPosition standards, backed by a three-year warranty, feature up to 150 pounds (standard) and 200 pounds (optional) trip force.

The tube-through-tube frame of the cultivator insures additional strength and durability and is also backed by the three-year warranty. The heavy-duty four by four-inch steel cross members provide a stable side-to-side platform for the cultivator.

John Deere has also introduced the 2100 Minimum-Till Ripper, the newest compaction-fighting tool for no-till and minimum-till producers. The ripper combats soil compaction and helps maintain crop residue levels. It fractures the sub-soil compaction layer, while leaving minimum surface and residue disturbance.

The John Deere 2100 Minimum-Till Ripper is available in working widths from 12 feet six inches to 21 feet and it can reach a maximum working depth of 16 inches, with coulters.

Various options and configurations of the John Deere 2100 Minimum-Till Ripper allows farmers to configure the implement to best fit their tillage practices.

To learn more about these John Deere tools visit your local dealer, or

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