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John Deere rotary cutters make pasture maintenance much easier

Adding to its current line of rotary cutters, John Deere introduces two new 20-foot wide cutters, the CX-20 and HX-20. In addition to the industry-exclusive double-decker design that provides extra strength, improves cutting performance and reduces rust on the top deck, the new cutters are designed with customers' needs in mind.

The 20-foot cutting width of the CX-20 and HX-20 make pasture maintenance and many other jobs much easier to manage.

The new HX-20 provides a cushioned operation, as spring-suspended wheel standards allow for even cutting on rough terrain. The CX-20 maneuvers smoothly over uneven fields by combining air springs and shock absorbers on all wheel standards The wheels on both models are adjustable for most row spacings. The new cutters have self-leveling clevis hitches that provide smooth tracking and pulling, and allow operators more maneuverability for tight turns.

With blades that overlap six inches, both rotary cutters offer wings that flex vertically from 90 degrees above grade to 22 degrees below grade, making it easy to follow the contours of the ground while getting a fine cut.

In the HX-20, the left side can be removed and replaced with a weight box, transforming it into a 14-foot flex-wing rotary cutter.

The gearcase of both the HX-20 and CX-20 are reliable, durable, and backed by a three-year warranty. They have splined output shafts and precisely cut teeth for quiet and strong intermeshing. The shafts also telescope easier and provide longer life. In addition to strong gearcases, the self-adjusting, no-seize slip clutches are easy to maintain, as well.

For more information on the HX-20 and CX-20 Rotary Cutters, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit the Website at

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