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New Cobalt Advanced insecticide formulation from Dow Agrosciences offers insect control in multiple crops

New Cobalt Advanced insecticide formulation from Dow Agrosciences offers insect control in multiple crops

Broader-spectrum control of insects across multiple crops Two modes of action for fast knockdown and extended residual Resistance management tool with tank-mix flexibility

With the development of Cobalt Advanced, a new formulation of the former Cobalt insecticide from Dow Agrosciences, producers now have a more powerful, low-odor tool that offers fast knockdown and residual control of insects.

Cobalt Advanced controls for a broad spectrum of insects in soybeans, corn, wheat and alfalfa. Insects controlled include aphids, beetles and spider mites in soybeans; corn rootworm beetles, cutworms and aphids in corn; aphids, beetles and grasshoppers in wheat; and weevils, aphids and leafhoppers in alfalfa.

“If you’re spraying at the appropriate application rate, you can expect Cobalt Advanced to provide quick knockdown of all of the primary pests in these crops,” says Erin Hodgson, extension entomologist at Iowa State University.

The two modes of action found in Cobalt Advanced knock down targeted insects, provide residual control and help ensure effective resistance management. The new low-odor formulation benefits applicators working near urban centers.

Muggsy Gallagher, Hintzsche Fertilizer, Minooka, Ill., just west of the Chicago suburbs, has seen the benefits of the lower odor.

“We’re very cognizant of the pesticides we’re using due to the urban sprawl of Chicago,” Gallagher says. “The lower odor of Cobalt Advanced was striking compared with the previous formulation.”

The improved formulation of Cobalt Advanced offers greater tank-mix compatibility with nutrients, adjuvants and other pesticides, including fungicides. A planned approach of mixing Cobalt Advanced with an effective fungicide can help control both insects and diseases with a single application.

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