: In addition to information on conservation assistance, cost-share opportunities and agricultural programs, visitors at the Natural Resources Hub at HHD can pick up a free Colorado Blue Spruce seedling, native prairie grass seed, as well as free water te
chartered bus
A semitrailer holds food donations from Husker Harvest Day visitors
Nebraska Extension beef systems specialist, Mary Drewnoski (left) and Nebraska Extension educator, Jenny Rees, discussed utilization of crop residue at a new workshop last year at HHD. You won’t want to miss this year’s Nebraska Extension Corn Residue Bal
: All kinds of irrigation technology take center stage at the world’s largest totally irrigated farm show.
HHD visitors can learn more about health, finances and farming issues by visiting the Hospitality Tent.
: Editor Tyler Harris chats with Jenny Rees, a Nebraska Extension educator, during a podcast recording last year.
people at the HHD demos
Visitors young and old enjoy visiting the Nebraska National Guard display
Ron Knodel’s wild horse gentling sessions and the BLM booth are near Syngenta Square,