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Corn+Soybean Digest

A Host Of New Herbicides

Four chemical companies have introduced new and/or improved soybean herbicides in time for the 2001 growing season. The weeds each product controls are specified within this just-updated Soybean Weed Control Guide.

BASF's newest - Conclude Xact - is a postemergent combination of a special formulation of Poast herbicide for grasses and Storm for broadleaves.

"There's a higher rate of Poast (sethoxydim) to get better control of some tougher grasses, such as johnsongrass and red rice," says Jon Sweat, BASF technical services specialist.

It also controls broadleaves such as cocklebur, waterhemp, velvetleaf and pigweeds, and gives effective control of triazine- and ALS-resistant weeds.

FMC's latest soybean herbicides include a new pre-emergence product by the name of Gauntlet. It combines sulfentrazone, the active ingredient in Authority herbicide, and cloransulam-methyl, which is the same active ingredient as in FirstRate.

"These complement each other," says Mike Steffeck, FMC product manager. "Sulfentrazone provides excellent control of weeds like waterhemp, nightshade, lambs-quarters and nutsedge while cloransulam-methyl is outstanding on giant ragweed, cocklebur and wild sunflower."

Combined with a grass herbicide, Gauntlet gives season-long control of grasses and broadleaves in one pre-emerge application, Steffeck adds. "Furthermore, it can be applied to all soybeans regardless of soil type, soil pH or corn rotation."

FMC's other new product, Command Xtra, is a combination of Command 3ME (clomazone) and Authority. A pre-emergent herbicide, Command Xtra competes against Roundup Ready soybeans and tankmixes or pre-post sequential applications of conventional herbicides, says Steffeck.

It controls a wide range of broadleaves and grasses, including waterhemp, pigweeds, velvetleaf, nightshade, morningglories, yellow nutsedge and foxtails.

Aim, already familiar to corn growers, has been approved for soybeans. It controls velvetleaf, black nightshade, morningglories, common lambsquarters and redroot pigweed.

Cedar Chemical has added three new proprietary names - Butoxone, Repose and Shroud - as alternatives to proven products. Butoxone's active ingredient: 2,4-D. Repose is an alternative to Prowl, with pendimethalin as its active ingredient. Shroud has the same active ingredient as Lasso: alachlor.

Cedar's SuppoRRt herbicide is a new tankmix partner for Roundup Ultra, Touchdown or Glyfos for over-the-top broadleaf control on Roundup Ready soybeans. It controls cocklebur, velvetleaf, tall waterhemp, foxtail, crabgrass, shattercane and other broadleaves and grasses.

Syngenta's newest announcement is a new formulation of Gramoxone Extra, now called Gramoxone Max. The company is upping the amount of active ingredient in each gallon from 2.5 lbs to 3 lbs, says Bill Beutke, Gramoxone brand manager.

"Farmers won't be applying more pounds of active ingredient per acre with the more-concentrated formulation," says Beutke. "However, it does allow growers to treat the same number of acres with fewer containers." Growers in all states but California can use the new formulation, on which Environmental Protection Agency approval is pending.

Syngenta also reformulated Touchdown, using a new glyphosate molecule and IQ Technology - a balanced adjuvant delivery system. It eliminates yellow flash problems sometimes found in Roundup Ready soybeans. Product uptake is improved over the old formulation, too.

Soybean Digest's 2001 Soybean Weed Control Guide offers the latest company information on control or suppression of selected weeds. For other weed-related information, check out the Internet for university recommendations, tips and research data. (Or to find out how to get paper copies.) Here are a few good places to start:

University of Minnesota crop specialists have compiled the most current herbicide use information on soybeans and other crops into a publication called Cultural and Chemical Weed Control in Field Crops - 2001. It can be ordered for $6 through university extension (order number BU-03157-GO). Or get an online version (

Although a 2000 edition, Weed Control Guide for Ohio Field Crops has a 15-page review of weed control principles. It can be ordered through Ohio State University extension (Bulletin 789-99). Or get an online copy: (

The University of Nebraska offers tips for successful no-till weed control, weed control principles for no-till row-crop production, and no-till row crops planted into legume or small grain residues. Weed Control in No-Till Corn, Grain Sorghum and Soybean Production can be downloaded off the Internet ( or ordered through Nebraska county extension offices.

For product specifics, a listing of crop protection companies follows. Most supply label and material safety data sheet (MSDS) information. But first check out CDMS, Inc., a privately held Marysville, CA, corporation that supplies label links to many crop protection companies. Key in, then click on Labels and MSDS and pick the herbicide you want to investigate. For a fast way to reach most of the chemical companies mentioned below, back up to and hit Key Links.

Company links include: - Agriliance:


- BASF: Besides product information, BASF offers its Weed Guide. Just click on it to help identify a mysterious weed. (

- Bayer:

- Cedar Chemical:

- Cheminova:, then click on Products.

- Dow:

- Drexel Chemical:

- DuPont:

- FMC Corp.:

- Griffin LLC:

- Micro Flo Company:

- Monsanto:

- Sipcam Agro USA, Inc.:

- Syngenta is the new name for the recently merged Novartis and Zeneca. Syngenta's site, ( will eventually lead you toward Novartis and Zeneca products, which were, at press time, still being maintained on those respective companies' sites. Or key in, which will lead you to Novartis' site (

Once there, click on Product Information ( to get the scoop on the Novartis product lineup. For Zeneca product info, back up to the Syngenta country index html or click on; then hit Product.

- United Agri Products:

- Valent Agricultural Products:

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