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Hesston rectangular balers represent new generation of implements

Hesston big rectangular hay balers equipped with CANbus electronic systems and designed to interface with Fieldstar DataTOUCH terminals and Fendt Vario color terminals represent a new generation of smart implements.

The CANbus system and terminal interface, available with the 4760 Cutter, will be standard equipment on all 4760 balers as well as on the 4790 and 4910 balers in 2004. The new technology brings a higher level of management to hay harvest with its touch screen control of up to 22 different baler functions. This is the first application of “smart implement” control systems to balers in the North American market and meets ISO11783 engineering protocols, soon to be adopted industry wide.

New levels of control

“Hesston introduced electronic control boxes in 1986, but these Fieldstar DataTOUCH and Fendt color terminals take both control and productivity to new levels,” says Steve Reiling, general marketing manager, Hesston. “This is the most advanced monitoring and control system of any big baler in the industry. It will help Hesston customers significantly enhance their productivity advantage.”

These terminals allow operators to better monitor and adjust up to 22 baler functions including plunger load, knotter, baler lube, bale drop and strokes per flake. For example, if the display indicates more than one plunger stroke per flake, the baler is operating at less than full capacity and the operator should consider increasing ground speed for maximum efficiency.

Productivity doesn't begin and end in the field. A key benefit to precision farming tools is the ability to track and later analyze data gathered in the field. Hesston 4760, 4790 and 4910 models equipped to interface with Fieldstar DataTOUCH and Fendt Vario terminals record and display bale production by field, by customer or by year. Up to 99 job records can be stored under as many as 20 customer/farm names, up to four years of data in all. Both 4790 and 4910 balers equipped with the 4925 model bale accumulator and optional bale weight kit, will also display bale weight averages across the field being baled.

“Initial data and functions can be accessed on the terminals themselves,” explains Reiling. “Hay producers will have accurate field production records with the use of either terminal.”

Both terminals offer operators a large screen with control of contrast and brightness for easier viewing under different light situations. Information can be displayed as either bar graphs or numbers, and the screen also displays a real-time clock. Operators will find the screens are easier to use than the buttons on the traditional control box. Hydraulic pressure, total load, strokes per flake, feeder slip and left and right plunger load are all displayed on the screen, which allows the operator to select up to three variables to be monitored at one time.

Operator friendly

The entire system is designed to be operator friendly. System diagnostics allow the terminal to display readings from all switches and sensors from the balers. An alarm test identifies faults and suggests possible solutions. Alarms are then logged on the terminals for later review and analysis. On-screen help menus also describe screen graphics, calibration steps and baler settings. The Fieldstar DataTOUCH terminal can be transferred between other AGCO equipment lines from tractors to application equipment, planters and harvesting equipment.

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