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Here's how you can join in

LIVE FROM NEW YORK, it's cotton on the web! This mid-season update of the cotton markets featuring a panel of economists, industry analysts and farm policy watchers will take place on Friday, July 13, 8:30 a.m., eastern. 7:30 a.m. central. You can participate in this event via the Internet or at local county Extension offices. Registration is free.

To participate via the Internet, you absolutely, positively, need to download RealPlayer Basic (if you haven't already). It takes time to do the download, so do it well before the program.

This download is really not so difficult, if you understand that the nice folks at are on the web to sell things (mainly their Real, etc. Plus products which are good products and certainly worthy of purchase). But you can get all the good free stuff just fine if you simply ignore the marketing material on the home page and keep after those free download links. Getting free stuff can be hard work in the free market.

You can go directly to these instruction at

  1. Go to and register. After you register, click the “NYBOT/Live on the Web” icon, then the RealPlayer icon. You will be deposited on the RealPlayer home page. Now remember, you always look for the free download link.

  2. Scroll to the bottom. Click on Free Download for RealPlayer Basic.

  3. The RealPlayer Plus page will appear. Don't be discouraged. Just scroll a little, if necessary, and near the bottom of the page will be a RealPlayer Basic link. Click on this link to get one step closer to the free program you want.

  4. This brings you to the “marketing info” page where you will need to fill in all of the fields. You may wish to uncheck the box for item 5 to avoid extra e-mailings. Then click on the Download FREE RealPlayer Basic beta.

  5. And then you land on the download option page (you are almost home). They already have a recommended option package checked. Unless you are into lots of music and entertainment on the internet, best to ignore that and click on (check) column 3 which will give you a RealPlayer Basic stand-alone download (this will shorten the download), then click on the button “Download FREE RealPlayer Basic Now.”

  6. This takes you to the actual, for real, Download page where you click on a location link (probably Seattle or SF Bay area), which will start the download process.

  7. You'll get the download window. Choose “Save to disk” which will download the program setup. This may take a while. Just follow the download, open and install instruction from then on out and you should have no problems. Allow plenty of time for download and installation if you have a slow modem.

  8. Be sure to install the program after the download.

  9. Still having problems? Call or e-mail Tom Walker, New York Board of Trade at 800-433-4348 or

  10. On the day of the event, go to before the start of the program and click on the Cotton Roundtable banner.

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