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Valent, Monsanto expand soybean cash-back program

Valent, Monsanto expand soybean cash-back program

Valent and Monsanto are expanding their collaboration in Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions with new cash-back incentives to help growers protect their herbicide investment in the 2013 season for soybeans.

Soybean growers who use Fierce, Valent’s new residual herbicide recently registered on soybeans, will receive $3/acre to manage weeds and protect their yield. Fierce joins other Valent herbicides Valor, ValorXLT, Gangster, Cobra and Select Max, all of which are already part of Roundup Ready Plus incentives for soybeans.

Valent brand manager Trey Soud said the expansion of Roundup Ready Plus reinforces the two companies’ ongoing commitment to helping growers safeguard their weed control investments by providing the best performing product recommendations and incentives to improve weed management.

“Residuals are becoming the standard practice for growers because of the expansion of glyphosate-resistant weeds,” Soud said. “Growers need a product that is going to provide the most consistent, longest-lasting and broadest-spectrum control of weeds. Growers can be confident that Fierce will deliver these benefits and will perform in fields that have heavy weed pressure or resistant weeds,” Soud said.

“Farmers understand the importance of taking a proactive approach to weed control to protect their yield,” said Chris Reat, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready PLUS marketing manager. “That’s why we are continuing to see strong adoption of the Roundup Ready PLUS platform, and farmers who are following the recommendations are reporting improved weed control and yield on their operations.”

Reat said that according to Monsanto’s market research, since 2010, the percentage of soybean acres treated with residual herbicides grew from 33% to 46% in 2012.

Monsanto and Valent have partnered in Roundup Ready PLUS to offer cash-back incentives to growers who choose an eligible brand of herbicide in Genuity RR 2 Yield soybeans or RR  soybeans. Under the platform, growers who use the Valent residual herbicides and Roundup PowerMas or Roundup WeatherMax herbicides will receive $3/acre. Growers applying both fall and spring residual applications of the Valent products will be eligible for $6/acre for the year.


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