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Atrazine best management practices

This guide from Syngenta Crop Protection highlights the water quality protection requirements that apply to all products containing atrazine. These requirements are printed on the product labels.


Application rates

The total amount of atrazine applied may not exceed 2.0 lbs. of active ingredient (a.i.) in a single pre- or postemerge application or 2.5 lbs. (pre- and postemergence combined) of a.i. per acre per calendar year.

Soil application prior to crop emergence

On Highly Erodible Soils (as defined by the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service)

  • Apply a maximum of 2.0 lbs. of atrazine a.i. per acre as a broadcast spray on  fields where 30% or more of the soil is covered with plant residue at planting; or
  • Apply a maximum of 1.6 lbs. of atrazine a.i. per acre on fields where less than 30% of the soil is covered with plant residue at planting.


On Non-Highly Erodible Soils

  • Apply a maximum of 2.0 lbs. of atrazine a.i. per acre to all soils that are not highly erodible.


Postemergence applications

  • If no atrazine was applied prior to crop emergence, use a maximum postemergence rate of 2.0 lbs. of atrazine a.i. per acre.
  • If a preemergence application was made in the same calendar year, the combined pre- and postemergence applications may not exceed 2.5 lbs. of atrazine a.i. per acre.


State/local requirements

Where state/local atrazine use requirements (including lower maximum rates and/or greater setback distances) differ from the label, you must follow the more protective requirements. Some states may limit application rates within specific geographical areas. Consult your lead pesticide control agency for more information. It is a violation of the atrazine label to deviate from state use regulations.

Atrazine Watershed Information Center (AWIC)

AWIC is a tool designed to provide information on specific watershed areas identified by EPA that are subject to atrazine prohibition. All labels for products containing atrazine require the AWIC to be consulted prior to atrazine use. Call 866/365-3014, or visit

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