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Helena puts on line new adjuvants

For the 2003 season, Helena offers three new adjuvants — LineMan, Drop Zone LC and On Line — that can help growers improve the results they get from spray applications.

New LineMan — a unique blend of non-polymer deposition agents designed to enhance pesticide deposition and performance — helps improve the performance of glyphosate and other pesticides, including new Roundup WeatherMAX. LineMan helps improve herbicide performance by enhancing uptake and increasing coverage. LineMan also is compatible with low pH sensitive pesticides (e.g. sulfonylurea herbicides and Tracer/Success).

Additionally, it is compatible with ammonium sulfate (AMS) and AMS replacement products, and can be used with spray mixes containing boron nutritional products, as well as with most LF fertilizer products.

Drop Zone LC is an oil based liquid concentrate that utilizes patented technology as a deposition and drift reduction agent. This 100 percent active product is compatible with glyphosate and a wide range of other pesticides, and reduces the chance of crop injury with its non-phytotoxic oil component.

This multi-functional product may supplement or eliminate the need for additional spray adjuvants, such as crop oil concentrates or non-ionic surfactants.

On Line, the first nutritional adjuvant on the market, provides foliar feeding with drift reduction. This product is a liquid foliar feed concentrate combined with spray adjuvants that is designed to provide deposition, drift reduction, water conditioning, glyphosate absorption, defoaming, and evaporation reduction. On Line provides a complete micronutrient package, and its nutrient components are 100 percent EDTA chelated to prevent glyphosate antagonism.

For additional information, go to, or contact Frank Yopp at 901-752-4418.

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